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Dec 28, 2007 10:02 AM

safran, omai or prem-on-thai? any opinions?

hi - does anyone have any strong opinions on any of these restaurants? wanted to try some place new but would like some feedback first. thanks!

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  1. Of the 3, I have only been to O Mai and can highly recommend it. We go there pretty often and the food is always delicious. The menu is quite extensive and varied, and the price is fair. Service is proper and attentive, though a bit rushed. The room is a bit cramped but has a nice lively feeling. We always leave very satisfied.

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      i've been to safran and omai. i highly recommend omai over safran although, as rrems noted, it is cramped and rushed but the food is really great. safran is a big disappointment. the chef (laura) owned monsoon on the uws until it closed down. i searched the city for years to find her and, thanks to CH, i finally did at safran. but, as sweet as she is, the food there isn't so great . not too sure why it doesn't measure up to monsoon at all.