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Dec 28, 2007 09:32 AM

Best Sports Bar (food) in Tampa Bay Area

Every week I drive around trying to find a great sports bar with really great food and atmosphere, but it's getting expensive to just roam. I'm looking for great bar food (wings, nachos, etc) AND a great atmosphere (i.e. lots of noisy peeps and fans). Really like the Press Box for the ATmosphere, but the food is so-so. Love the Varsity Club in Clearwater, but want some strange once in a while. Not really hip to Champions or Hooters or Winghouse or any other shiny places. I need Bucs fans and very hot wings. Any help out there?

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  1. BJ's at Citrus Park Mall has a nice bar area with big TV's, good beer and yummy apps. We went and had sliders and wings. It's not really a typical sports bar per se but we enjoyed it a couple weeks ago