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Dec 28, 2007 09:29 AM

Martin sur la route : Picard takes you for the ride !

There is a new show on Radio-canada that will be aired on the Canadian food network called "Martin sur la route " with "Au pied de cochon " chef Martin Picard. I dont know what the english title will be , but it could be translated by "Martin on the road"

Picard and his sous-chef travels to different parts of the province of Quebec with their "kitchen" , and they go where the food is. The first show is about moose. They go hunting , and then coock the beast. They do the same with snow goose , salmon etc.

The moose show was fascinating. They first travel to there destination , and get very exited when they find mushrooms on the lwn of a subbuban looking house. One the hunt starts , the guides explain what it take to kill a moose. There is an historian who talks about the place of moose meat in the natives life and then for the french aristocratie.

Once Martin picard manages to kill his moose , he gets to cook it; he prepares testiscles in a muschroom sauce, the nose ( sorry I dont knoe the proper english word) is cooke. It used to be considered a delicacy by the french settlers of the provine. he prepares raviolies made with the gigantic moose liver , some spareribs and another thing I forgot.

There will be a show where he will do a "Grande Charcuterie"like it was done in the past here and is still done around the world , killing the pig , getting the blood for blood saussage , oreoaring the different parts of the animal.

The food network show will be only 1/2 hour instead of a full our , and you wont see Picard and his sous-chef killing the animal or anything too bloody. I dont know when they will ne aired , but there is still 6 shows in French , on Radio-Canada , every Tuersday and friday at 7 pm.

Picard trully delivers a unique show , like is restaurant !

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  1. I so want to see this, blood and all. I don't suppose Radio Canada does streaming video after broadcast?

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      I also think this is one of the greatest food show I hav ever seen. I actually wrote to Radio Canada and Le Pied de Cochon to ask them to put the show on DVD... you should do the same!

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          I love it as well! It is a great show. I think it is important to show things as they are, as raw as it gets. Of course, it might shock some people (see the Au pied du Cochon post on the Mtl board), but this is what Pied de Cochon and Martin are all about. I was at PdC on Friday, right after the airing of the Foie Gras episode actually, and I got to talk to Gaelle (the Maitre d') about it. I did ask her when it would be available on DVD or on the web. She didnt know, but was telling me the recipes have been written and standardized, probably for the web. She was also telling me to look out for the last episode, which will be on "trappage". I hear it's a piece of anthology.

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            Can you email me at, thanks.

      1. I am currently watching it (despite not knowing much French), and I agree that it is one of the best TV cooking shows ever. I admire Picard's honesty and his raw passion. No gimmicks, no catchphrases, no fake gestures. Even though you can learn a lot about Picard's personality from the episodes, the show is not about him, but the food itself. This is a breath of fresh air for those who are suffocated by the Food Network action figure hosts who visit places picked from tourist guides and rave about Sysco made food.

        I know that people who think their meat grows on Styrofoam might be offended by the butchering scenes; but perhaps it is time for them to face the fact that their bacon comes from an animal. It is the truth and I believe knowing where our food comes from makes us form healthier relationship with it. Even if you chose not to be a vegetarian (I am not, for example), at least you might be less inclined to throw away meat, knowing that some animal had to die for your meal.

        Can't wait to see the English version so that I can understand the dialogue. Oh well; even with my half assed French, watching it is such a pleasure and a perfect learning experience.

        1. I really hope the series comes out on DVD, because I've missed all but two episodes and I think this is an outstanding programme.

          Tonight's "grande boucherie" episode was a nice bit of television. I totally dig Picard's attitude towards food and I echo other posters' opinions about knowing where your food comes from.

          1. There is now a dvd of Martin sur la route. You can purchase it at Renaud Bray (