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Dec 28, 2007 09:25 AM

Pasta Tasting at Osteria Mozza

A friend and I did the Pasta Tasting Menu at Osteria Mozza last night. We both loved it.

It’s 69 dollars per person with an additional 50 dollars for the wine pairings, which I would suggest if you enjoy that kind of thing. All the wines were excellent and from Italy.

The first course was a Farfalle with pea tendrils. This was a very spicy dish; not hot spicy but the pea tendrils had quite a bite to them.

Second was a Butternut Squash Mezzalune (kind of a ravioli). This was sublime. A buttery sauce with crumbled amaretti on top. A beautiful sweetness to follow the preceding dish, yet it was not too cloyingly sweet at all. Both first courses were served with terrific white wines.

Course Three was a Gnocchi al Pomodoro. I am not a huge gnocchi fan, so I am not one to judge. My friend is and she liked it very much. A simple dish. It was served with perhaps our favorite wine, the house bottled (in Tuscany) Morellino. I’d order a bottle of this anytime I go to the restaurant.

Four: The now famous Orecchiette from the menu. With sausage and chard and topped with breadcrumbs. This was my second time to have it, being my second time to OM, and I loved it as much the second time. Just a splendid pasta dish. Served with a nice barbera.

Five: Tagliatelle Bolognese. A terrific version of the standard dish. I would order this again anytime, we loved it. It was served with a Chianti, again, a very good wine.

At this point, we actually added something: The also famous ravioli with egg inside was not on the tasting menu. I am a fanatic for eggs with runny yolks and so was dying to try it. We had it as the last savory dish and let me tell you, this dish is for the ages. Wow. Brown butter sauce, you cut into the huge single ravioli and the eggs runs out. It is just incredible.

Next came a Meyer Lemon Sorbet, served with a glass of Limoncello. This is by far the tartest Lemon Sorbet I have ever had. And easily the best, if you like lemon and like things TART. Again, wow.

Finally there were sweet fried risotto balls with banana gelato. This was about as good as anything we had during the evening. I particularly loved it…perhaps because it was not overly sweet. It was served with a very sweet dessert wine that was also exemplary, though not being a fan of dessert wine, I may not be the best judge. It is one of the few dessert wines I would try again, though it may also be that it was perfectly paired with the dessert.

All in all, well worth it. And I continue to like the interior and the service. I am not sure why so many of these trendy restaurants (Cut, also) play loud 70’s rock. I love to listen to Led Zepplin et al in the car, but when dining at such establishments it seems a bit incongruous to me. I dined at Cut Christmas Eve and we all started to laugh when Heart’s ‘Magic Man’ began blaring through the restaurant. There were quite a few of those last night at OM as well. Otherwise, though, one of the best food experiences I have had in a while.

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  1. awesome. i am tempted to try the pasta tating menu on my next outing to o'mozza. i just hope all my cohorts wan to as well......considering their tasting menu policy.

    btw, was this the morellino you had (grabbed it off their wine list....listed under quartino:

    Morellino di Scansano "Il Perazzi," La Mozza

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    1. re: wilafur

      That was indeed the wine. Given it was on the tasting menu, I have no idea how much it is by the bottle. Just a very good, solid wine. These things are always affected by the meal and the evening, at least for me, but I liked it very much.

      1. re: Tom P

        thanks for the confirmation. i'll give the wine a whirl. $14 for a quartino. not too shabby.

    2. Thanks for the great run down.

      Curious if anyone knows whether the tasting menu and wine pairing are available at the two "bars" as well? I'm thinking of trying the Osteria for the first time this weekend, and would prefer to sit at one of those.

      And can anyone give me the current lowdown on seating policy there? Still no reservations for the two bars? How hard has it been to get a seat there lately? When's the best time to go, etc?

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      1. re: wutzizname

        You can order the tasting menu at the bar. No reservations for the bar, but I'd suggest getting there before 6 Sun-Thurs. I went recently at 5:50 or so and there was ample seating. I always order a drink or quartino and linger a bit before ordering and I've never felt rushed.