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Dec 28, 2007 09:06 AM

DAT recommendations in the city?

Wife and I, frequent visitors, will be in town Jan 21-25, which coincides with the Dining About Town period. We will be staying around Union Square or the Embarcadero. Looking for recommendations for restaurants accepting DAT. Does not have to be in the immediate area, just accessible by MUNI. Any cuisine. Thanks

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  1. Hi, Chris! The DAT website will tell you what restaurants are participating, but what you really should do is monitor the reports on Chowhound as they come in, since the way different restaurants handle DAT varies a lot: some have special DAT menus, some allow limited selection off the regular menu, etc. Sometimes the DAT menu isn't really a good deal -- either the DAT menu isn't a savings from the regular menu, or the offerings are so inferior to the regular menu that they aren't worth it. So it's best to wait until some brave souls have checked out each restaurant and reported back on exactly what DAT will get you. Here's a thread discussing some DAT issues and some potential "winners" and "don't bothers" from the preliminary list: