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Baltimore Restaurant Week

So Baltimore's Restaurant Week has been announced. Nothing overly special and a few WTF's. Seriously, G&M? Ding How? It's been a while, but is it even possible to spend $30 on a meal at Ding How?

Prime Rib is back on the list though, and Pazza Luna is on there too. Matsuri is offering what appears to be an enormous amount of sushi for your $30 (six piece tuna roll, 12-15 pieces sashimi and three pieces sushi). No Salt, no Cingiale (although Petit Louis is there).

It's a pretty disappointing list IMO.


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  1. I agree, nothing to get that excited about. I do plan on making a reservation to eat at Oceanaire since it's a rare occasion to eat there for less than my monthly BGE bill.

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      That's what I ended up doing. I also considered making a reservation at The Bicycle because of their Summer RW positive reviews or Tio Pepe, but settled on just Oceanaire.

      I just laughed when I saw Ding How.

      1. re: viperlush

        We ate at Oceanaire last year for RW. I would strongly suggest you change your pick, as it was an unremarkable meal. If I remember correctly I had an OK calamari app, a marlin steak with a guacamole salsa on top that was absolutely tasteless, and a desert that consisted of a big chocolate chip cookie with a glass of milk. My wife had the crab cake entree that was average at best- I've had better at many bars in town. Sorry, but even at $30 a head, it was a ripoff.

        1. re: toro head

          Thanks for letting me know about your experience. I looked at their RW menu and it seems just as boring as what you had. I'll either switch to one of my other choices or just sit it out this time.

    2. Bertha's and Cafe Hon, are they kidding?

      1. I would definitely recommend Timothy Dean's. We had a near perfect meal there last summer.

        1. What about McCormick & Schmicks? Any reviews on that place? I've heard mixed --- just wondering what you all are thinking....

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            Went there a number of times awhile before when I knew a few people that really enjoyed it. I personally never found M&S to be all that impressive. Their food is pretty bland, and their service ranges from so-so to ignorantly unaccommodating. I'll admit to never having any actually 'bad' food there, but I've never felt it was close to being worth the price you pay. Nor would I think I'd go even for $30 a head.

            The M&S Grill, which is by the same group, supposedly is pretty decent fare for the price, but I don't think that the $30 RW price would really be considered a 'deal' there.

          2. My boyfriend and I made reservations at Bicycle based on the reviews from last winter. We ate at Oceanaire last year for RW, and it wasn't the greatest meal. Calamari was tasty but unremarkable (especially compared to Samos), and my seafood entree was a bit dry.

            1. We're trying to decide between Wine Market and Black Olive (though I'm leaning toward Bicycle but suspect I will be outvoted). It will be four of us (two couples) all in our late-20's. One person (me) doesn't eat any fish. Another is a fairly picky eater so a wide restaurant week menu is a plus. Any suggestions?

              1. Yeah, I was surprised by some of the places listed there!

                I made a reservation for Bicycle and that's it.

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                1. Hey Everyone,

                  What about Aldo's? Is aw great reviews for that on this board. Still good?


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                    My wife and I ate at Aldo's about a year ago and really enjoyed it. The food was quite a bit better than the other Little Italy restaurants we had tried and the service was really outstanding. I can't speak to their Restaurant Week offerings, but since the relatively high price was the only negative at our meal, I'd definitely recommend giving it a try.

                    1. re: hfwu

                      I did restaurant week at Aldo's last winter RW. The food was good and service was friendly, but I wouldn't do it again. There were few options on the menu, they did the "water trick", and the waiter mislead us into ordering a side of risotto. Somehow the bill for 2 of us w/out a bottle of wine ended up over $100. But if you avoid our mishaps I'm sure the food/price is worth it for RW.

                        1. re: crowsonguy

                          There was a long post on this subject last year. Basically when you order water and they bring you expensive bottled and then keep opening new bottles w/out first asking if you want them.


                    2. We have reservations for Black Olive and thought about Bicycle as well, although we may go for Prime Rib since we've never been and some friends of ours really love going there.

                      Last summer we tried Nasu Blanca as our restaurant week pick and I was impressed both by the food and the service. They seemed to really embrace the restaurant week customers and use it as an opportunity to introduce the restaurant to a new audience.

                      1. Roy's was atrocious during RW last time around.

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                          Four of us ate at Roy's during their last RW, and we were all very satisfied with our meal. The portions were not skimpy, and the items were from the regular menu. I found it to be a good value.

                        2. Hey Everyone,

                          Here is the menu for black olive, which is not on the restaurant week website but on the black olive's website:


                          1. Brass Elephant was disappointing last time around as well. I would have thought that the more 'established' restaurants would take advantage of the week to draw in a crop of future regulars, but was let down. I'm worried that Black Olive will have the same attitude reflected in the food, but really want to try. Anyone had a positive experience at the Baltimore staple restaurants in RW past?