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Dec 28, 2007 08:36 AM

Best place for sesame balls in DFW

I have to admit I'm partial to the sesame balls at Viet Tofu (Jupiter/Walnut in Garland). I usually go there around 2:30pm when they've just come out of the fryer. I'll buy six, eat two on the way home, and freeze the rest for another day. The outside is crisp for a crunch as you bite into it, then you get to the chewy sticky rice dough that surrounds a sweet mixture of smashed mung beans mixed with shredded coconut. I'm drooling just thinking about it now.

I've had the sesame balls at La Me (Plano Rd and Walnut) but was very disappointed. I didn't even finish one. I've also had sesame balls at Kim Lan (next to Hiep Thai) but didn't like those either, although but Kim Lan makes the best cha.

So any other places I should try for sesame balls?

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  1. Duy Tan used to have really good sesame balls, but in the same shopping center I remember we also had really good ones from a take-out place next door.

    Don't know the actual address - it's to the right of the supermarket, but here's the shopping center:

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      Thanks for the tip. I went to Pala Cafe/Duy Tan to try the sesame balls today. They were good but not hot when I bought them so I'll have to do a return visit for a true comparison. I also found out that they make tofu at Pala Cafe. I bought some fried tofu, but it wasn't as firmly pressed as at Viet Tofu so some of it fell apart in my curry tonight.