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Dec 28, 2007 08:18 AM

Traveling to Atlanta For Business

I will be in Downtown Atlanta at the Gift Mart in early January from Philadelphia and am looking for places to eat that I can travel to by taxi from the Mart. I am open to any cusine and price point-since i will be entertaining. Please help.

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  1. Bacchanalia, Restaurant Eugene, Floataway Cafe, Woodfire Grill, Antica Posta, Sotta Sotta
    Here a few in the order of which I would like to visit.

    1. Two Urban Licks is my new favorite.

      1. Hsu's (Chinese) is always good. There is an Italian place across the street from there (Anzio's? I can't ever remember the name) that was great the one time I ate there. Ray's in the City has some nice seafood, the mexican places in the area are all horrible- at least the places that I have tried... Dailey's upstairs has decent steaks- downstairs is a fun bar...

        Keep in mind that during market most of these places (which are all within walking distance of the Mart) are packed. For a quiet beer and some pub fare, there is Max Lagers Brew Pub just down the street. For some reason, it remains virtually undiscovered by the hordes, and has become my bar away from home...

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          Bacchanalia is fab but probably too late to call unless there is a cancellation. Restaurant Eugene is very fancy - white tablecloth to the max - but supposedly very good. Both are easy taxi ride - all walking restaurants will be packed so taxi is a good idea.

          1. It may not be too late for Bacchanalia and Quinones if one uses OpenTable or if you call and see if they have a cancellation. I have gotten last minute reservations at Bacchanalia through OpenTable numerous times.

            Unfortunately, the stuff nearest to the Mart are not culinary destinations. You could have a *decent* meal at the Pleasant Peasant. There is also City Grill, which allegedly is good..although I havent been. Near to downtown is Inman Park, Va-Hi, and Midtown...which gives you some more choices: ENO, Enoteca Carbonari, Shaun's, Top Flr, Nam, Nan, The Globe, Sotto Sotto, and Fritti.

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              Even if you go to dinner elsewhere, going late to Dailey's just for dessert is an excellent idea. Their desserts are amazing. There's sort of a dessert "altar". It's impressive if you're entertaining clients.

              I'd second the vote for 2 urban licks. It's VERY hard to find if you don't know where it is, so make sure the cabbie does.

              People may beat me up for this, but have you thought about the sundial? It's at the top of the Peachtree plaza hotel (70th floor). The food is not quite as good as in some of the other restaurants around, but it's fine, and if it's clear out, you can see many, many miles from the rotating restaurant.