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Dec 28, 2007 07:59 AM

Pork loin Roast

I have a 4 pound pork loin roast bone-in center cut.

I would like to roast it in the oven with sauerkraut. I would love to hear your favorite ways and recipes to cook the pork loin roast. This is my first time cooking this.

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  1. I don't have one actually roasted with sauerkraut, but here is one from The Palomino restaurant in Seattle which roasts it on a spit. We use a Farberware but there are other models. If you don't have a spit, the Garlic Crusted Pork Loin from Cooks' Illustrated, May 1995 works well, but be careful of their heat specs.

    Pork loin---------------------------------------------------- 1-2 Lb.
    Sage, fresh, chopped coarse----------------------------------
    Rosemary, fresh, chopped coarse------------------------------
    Steak Salt---------------------------------------------------
    Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce------------------------------------ 1 recipe

    1. Season entire pork loin with herbs and salt (amounts approximate).
    Rub seasonings in well. Place loin on rotis skewer. Rotis to internal
    temperature of 145 degrees. Let rest for approximately 20 minutes.

    Porcini mushrooms, dried and chopped------------------------- 1/2 Oz.
    Sage, fresh, chopped----------------------------------------- 1 1/2 Tbsp
    Brandy------------------------------------------------------- 2 Oz.
    Butter------------------------------------------------------- 4 Oz.
    Shallots, minced--------------------------------------------- 2 Tbsp
    Shitake mushrooms, sliced------------------------------------ 4 Oz.
    Heavy cream-------------------------------------------------- 1 Pint
    Steak salt (see recipe)-------------------------------------- 1/2 Tbsp

    Mix Porcini mushrooms, sage, and brandy. Soak 45 minutes.
    Saute Shitake mushrooms separately. Set aside warm.
    In a heavy gauge sauce pan, melt butter. Saute shallots 1 minute.
    Remove Porcini mushrooms from mix and saute 1 minute. Deglaze with
    brandy/sage mix and flame. Add cream and steak salt and bring to boil.
    Reduce heat and simmer to consistency desired. Tighten with roux. Add
    Shitake mushrooms.

    1. Dry roasting the loin on a bed of sauerkraut would dry, and possibly burn the kraut.

      Placing the loin on a bed of kraut in a covered dutch oven would be a braise, not a roast.

      It probably is easier to find recipes for braising chops (especially smoked ones) with sauerkraut.

      1. This is a little late, but I do this all the time. It's a great company dish because it's simple and the house smells wonderful.

        375 oven.

        Rinse the saurkraut well to eliminate a lot of the salt, and toss it in to the bototm of your roasting pan. Next, core and slice a big apple and add to the saur kraut. Finally slice a similar size onion and mix up the kraut, apple and onion in the bootom of the roasting pan. Make a shallow nest for the roast.

        Season the fat side of the pork with salt, pepper and whatever seasonings you like. Lay it on top of the kraut mixture and place in oven.

        Check in about an hour. If the roast is quite brown on top you can reduce temp to 325 and continue roasting until you reach an internal temp of 150. If the kraut becomes dry, add a little water or apple cider.

        I usually serve with baked sweet potatoes and succotash but you may have other preferences (eg, acorn squash?) for a fall/winter meal.