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Dec 28, 2007 07:57 AM

Anyone been to Trinacria?

A new Italian restaurant, Trinacria, opened a few weeks ago on St. Charles next to Herbsaint. Wondering if anyone's been. I live downtown and I'm looking to try something new in the neighborhood. Thanks!

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  1. This place has been open since at least March/April. Our office ordered from there once, and it was extremely disappointing. The pesto pasta I ordered was very dry and oily.

    I haven't been back since, but am willing to give it another shot. Can anyone share a more recent experience?

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    1. re: TulaneJeff

      I have been there and the food is amazing so I will have to disagree with TulaneJeff the pasta is cooked very Sicilian style and the lobster Ravioli is to die for. You must try it to see for your self. Hope you enjoy this new restaurant, opening date was July 07.

      1. re: nolagirl1

        I really thought it opened earlier than that...maybe it was July.

        I'd like to give it another try, but the pesto was off on the day we ordered take out so I'm a bit reluctant. I never see anyone dining in there either, I wonder how long they can hang on?

        1. re: TulaneJeff

          Maybe you should give it another shot like you said cause I had them fax me a menu to office and pesto is not even on the menu. Whenever I walk there for lunch there is always a big lunch crowd.

    2. I tried Trinacria and loved it! I had the fish with valeti sauce( red sauce with fresh oranges, pine nuts,and raisins). It was very authentic Sicilian cuisine. If there was pesto on the menu it's gone now. Others at my table ordered the veal, one of the pasta dishes and a calzone and all were extremely satisfied!

        1. re: missmable

          Appetizers$8, pizzas and foccacia -$10, salads-$9 pastas-$12, fish-$17, veal-$ 18

        2. I am surprised to hear it was open that far back - and I am betting it was just opened intermittently. I work in the area and had tried to go there very regularly and it was not open on a regular schedule until the past few months (which may explain its prior spotty quality.)

          I now go at least once a week if I can and love everything I have tried. The pasta dishes, the veal, chicken parm, lobster ravioli, and the fish (varied.) Try it, you'll like it. (And make sure they bring you some of the homemade focaccia bread to snack on - wonderful!)