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Dec 28, 2007 07:34 AM

LA Hounds see Pitt: what's to eat?

Well, the Chow-Pup just got his first college acceptance, to a place he's never seen, so we're bringing him to Pittsburgh in late February to see the place (and the weather!). He's eaten almost every ethnic cuisine in his 17 years, (has been ordering octopus in sushi bars since he was 6; recently survived a South Thai curry so hot it was almost psychedelic) but doesn't presently eat mammals. What's good around the campus?

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  1. If you're looking for non-meat eateries in the Oakland area (home to Univ of Pitt and CMU) I can name a few, although I'm not vegetarian myself.
    For sushi within a mile or two, our good high-end (expensive) sushi can be found at Umi on Ellsworth Ave in Shadyside. Chaya, on Murray Ave in Squirrel Hill is also good, and less expensive. Although I love their meat dishes, I've heard vegetarians swear by La Fiesta, a dive of a Mexican restaurant on Atwood St in Oakland. The vegetarians (and I) love the cheese they use. Don't be turned off if there aren't hordes of diners, as most of the college kids prefer the drinks (and mediocre food) of Mad Mex down the street. La Fiesta has no liquor license. I could go on and on about restaurants in the Oakland area, but as a meat-lover, I'll let others point out those more suited to your son's (non-mammal) preferences.

    1. Just so I'm clear: he, and we, 'll eat any bird, crustacean, or fish which comes our way, and he has been known to eat the occasional reptile and mollusc; just no mammals. . .

      1. You won't find too many high priced eateries around Pitt or CMU, most students can't afford it. There are good ethnic food trucks around the area. Sri's serves a mostly vegetarian indian menu at their truck near CMU. It is good and cheap! Spice Island tea house, located nearer to Pitt, has very good Thai and Pacific Rim food.
        For fries and beer, you can't miss the Original Hotdog, (also known as the dirty "O"). They have the best fries in the area, fried in peanut oil. A small portion will serve 2-3 people. It get packed at 2:00 a.m. after the bars close.

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          I'm going to guess, based on what I've seen (in, for instance, Berkeley, Columbus, Palo Alto, Davis, etc.) that there's going to be some assortment of relatively cheap ethnic places (noodles, falafel, pizza, sausage, Indian all-you-can-eat-buffet type places, etc.) adjoining the campus; which are the best? Anything unique to the area that we can't miss?

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            Don't know much about the inexpensive, day to day offerings, but for somewhere to go as a family, you should try Mallorca. It is a Spanish restaurant not too far from campus, and it has an amazing array of options. Lots of interesting meats; last time I was there, the non-mammal choices included quail, langoustines, and about 10 different kinds of fish. Not cheap but you get a ton of food, probably enough for lunch the next day. Also, service is generally quite friendly; mention that you're there so your son can decide on college, and you will likely receive even better service!

        2. Try Hoi Polloi on the North Side (1100 Galveston Ave.) - not quite campus, but on a bus line (54c). Great new veg. cafe with espresso and juice bars, smoothies, soups, salads, sandwiches. Great veggie chili, and nothing on the menu is more than 5 bucks.

          1. Vegetarian/Pescatarian options In Oakland (aka the University district):
            Oishii Bento for bento lunches
            Mad Mex for Mexican inspired food
            Eat Unique for sandwiches and soup
            Spice Island Tea House for cheap asian
            Orchids International (indian food)

            Close to Oakland:
            Zenith Cafe for vegan brunch (South Side)
            Abay Eithiopian (East Liberty)
            Quiet Storm Coffeehouse (Friendship/Garfield)
            Aladdin's (Squirrel HIll)
            Chaya Sushi (Squirrel HIll)
            Soba/Umi (Shadyside)
            Kaya (strip district)
            Tram's Vietnamese Kitchen (Lawrenceville)
            La Filipiana (Squirrel HIll)

            There are lots more, but these are a good start.

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              Zaw's Squirrel Hill - Coconut Tofu
              There's a new Turkish Restaurant around corner from Orchid in N. Oakland.
              Udipi South Indian - Veggie (but in Monroeville)
              Also a new Ethiopian around corner from Abay
              Coca Cafe Lawrenceville
              if in town over a Saturday night must check out the Zenith Sunday Brunch th food is good and cheap but it's a fun environment and gets you to the Southside.
              this is close to DoubleWide Diner with many veggie options.

              ENJOY the 'Burgh and good luck on college decision!