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Dec 28, 2007 07:26 AM

Samba Na Brasa

in mount vernon.........worth going? pricey?

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  1. Actually Samba na Brasa is not pricey at all - its a price fix brazilian buffet - and for $27.95 is all you can eat... varied salad bar and many kinds of meats are brought to your table for waiters to slice for your plate.. check it out.. definitely worth going to.. and it has a very large and beautiful bar, too!

    1. If you go, please report back. I drive by all the time and think it would be fun to try.

      1. samba is not what it used to be... try copacabana in portchester better service BETTER MEAT smaller salad bar tho

        1. we went to a surprise bday party last month.the bar is beautiful. the space is HUGE. salad bar was good and fresh- everything was done in a BIG way.they brag about their "14meats"? we tried to count but couldn't - some were delicious, others eh. some funky(chicken hearts?!)