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Dec 28, 2007 07:13 AM

Green coffee beans and quality

I'm thinking about buying some green beans in quantity (10lbs +) but am not sure which direction to turn. Greenbeanery certainly has lower prices compared to say someone like Birds and Beans but should I expect Birds and Beans to be a better quality since they are also a prominent cafe as well? (I want to go Fair Trade organic so my options are not as plentiful.)

It seems a bit hard to find a green bean wholesaler in the southern Ontario area that utilizes the grading system of beans which would certainly help out an amateur home roaster like myself.

What I guess I am asking is there any green coffee bean wholesaler that is known for selling top quality beans?

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  1. Have you checked out the Merchants of Green Coffee?

    1. I order from the green beanery, and I have no problems with the quality. Fair trade and Organic...what more do you need...pretty looking beans? These are pretty enough ;P

      Merchants of Green Coffee are good as well, but more pricey for pretty much the same thing.

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      1. re: somechick is fairly unique: a wholesaler offering fair trade, organic coffees at not for profit prices. They may not be able to taste batches, but no other Ontario purveyor is doing this. We are fortunate to have this much choice, compared to previous decades.

      2. Thanks to my brother, who lives in S.W. Ontario, I found a site that tastes its coffees, but apparently does not have online ordering:
        Heritage Coffee in London Ont. has a limited selection at low price levels ($<16 for 5lb., green). These are the 3 specials; there are 9 others at various prices. They are all taste-tested by the founder, Stuart Daw, and meet his standards. Daw founded Club Coffee in the mid-sixties. His market updates and musings (on the Heritage site) are useful to any geek. The actual ratings are not published, but perhaps an e mail would bring some information.

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          1. Has to be Go see them at the London Farmers Market or their new roastey. Hearing lots around town about them. Damn good coffee, green and roasted.