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Jan 18, 2001 05:48 PM

High-priced Opportunity to Sample the Cooking of a Renowned Piedmontese Chef

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During my travels in Italy, I’ve had the privilege to dine on two separate occasions at Cesare Giaccone’s celebrated restaurant tucked away in hills of Piedmont. On both occasions, the food was spectacular. So I was delighted to learn that Cesare and his son Oscar will be cooking at Vincenti in Brentwood next Wednesday and Thursday evenings, January 24 and 25. Alas, the price of sampling Cesare’s talents is steep: $165 for the food and paired wine, plus tax and tip. And if you want to spend more, you can do a vertical tasting of three vintages of Gaja Barbaresco for a mere $100. Former Vincenti chef Gino Angelini will also be in the kitchen, along with Vincenti’s present chef (and long-time second in command to Chef Angelini) Nicola Mastronardi.

Chef Angelini, much praised by me on Chowhound's Los Angeles Board, left Vincenti last October, and is planning to open his own restaurant somewhere on the west side of Los Angeles.

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  1. $100 for 3 Gaja Barbarescos is actually not a bad deal. I'm not so sure about the $165 for the food.