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Dec 28, 2007 07:11 AM

Anyone eaten at Battery Gardens recently?

Thinking of having a wedding or hosting a brunch for 60 there and was wondering about the food and service.

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  1. I have not but my sister and my GF were there a couple months back. My GF still uses BG as a reference to how BAD a place can be.

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    1. re: Spiritchaser

      Did she dislike the food and/or the service?

      1. re: dogooder

        The whole 9 yards. The food was horrible, she said the red sauce was actually similar to tomato paste that hadn't been thinned out, the service was non-existent, and she said the place in general had that worn out feel to it. She had heard so many good (but in retrospect, outdated) things about BG that she double checked to make sure they were actually at BG (true story).

        1. re: Spiritchaser

          How sad. Someone had recommended BG as a wonderful space for a wedding party that would not include a sit down dinner, but hors d'ouevres, dessert and dancing. I am discouraged by your GF's experience. Thanks for the honesty.

          1. re: dogooder

            I would hate to see someone put out good money for a very special occasion and not be guaranteed top notch. She did say the view was nice.

            1. re: dogooder

              I must interject, although I must say I haven't been in over a year. I was married at Battery Gardens about 2.5 years ago, and can not say enough about their attention to detail, professionalism, food, and service. We had our ceremony upstairs, retired to an hors douvre party inside downstairs, and had a grand dinner in a tent outside overlooking Battery Park and the harbor. People can not stop complimenting me on what a brilliant event it was... FYI, Paul comes from 25 years of being in charge of catering at the Plaza!!! What may fail as a restaurant might be brilliant for an event.

              1. re: rootytootyfreshnfrooty

                We went to Battery Gardens on Saturday and we just LOVED the view. There seems to be a new head of catering. A man named Alex. He was nice as could be on the phone, but he arranged for a colleague, Yvette, to show us around on Saturday, but she didn't show up for the appt! We thougt the place looked a tired and run down. It seems that you had a fabuolous experience and we so wanted to like it. Any thoughts????

                1. re: dogooder

                  I would relay that experience to Paul, the owner, as well as Alex. I promise you I have nothing to do with the place, except for being a very satisfied customer of a wedding party. They got the people who do the City fireworks to do a show during our wedding- It was brilliant.

                  1. re: dogooder

                    I had my wedding and reception at BG in april 2006, it was amazing. While there were a few minor hitches things were resolved very quickly by their staff. We had our event WHILE they were renovating, so i guess we lucked out there. When you say it looks tired and run down, what is tired and what is run down? Drapery can be cleaned or changed, things can be painted. Ask them when they plan on replacing or renovating the items you notice to be run down, perhaps your event can encourage them to change a few things.

                    Alex Miljkovic isn't new, he helped plan and coordinate our wedding. He was also there the night of the event. Aside from our head matr'd, he was the only one we really dealt with. He made everything a lot easier.