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Dec 28, 2007 07:10 AM

Alternative Paris?

This may be slightly cheeky as it's not a food / restaurant question, but I can't think of anywhere better to ask it. (If you can, please let me know!)

I'm looking for alternative bars / clubs / cafes / venues in Paris, with 'alternative' including rock, goth, metal, fetish, etc.

I already have several lovely 'normal' bars to try, but would love suggestions of places that are a little different.

I have been told that the Parisian rock scene is fairly underground, with most bars / clubs playing dance music - please, say it isn't so!

Apologies for the non-food question - but really, we can't spend all our time eating. ;-)

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  1. Dolly - here is a good link to places to drink that feature an indie scene.
    I also noticed that the Marais has a nouveau punk scene (as well as the gay scene) with some of the bars like "Pick-Chops" and shops along rue du Roi seeming quite indie.

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      Thanks Phil - I hadn't seen that webpage and it was really helpful.

      We will hopefully be staying in the Marais so I look forward to having a walk along the Rue du Roi!