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Dec 28, 2007 07:08 AM

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner near Atlanta Aquarium

Need recs for breakfast/lunch and dinner near the aquarium. Something casual but nice and healthy would be great. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Star Provision's in front of Baccanalia will provide you with a great lunch.
    There is a Ted's Montana Grill near the aquarium and McKormick and Schmidt's (I know I butchered the spelling) in CNN Center. There is a Ray's in the City, for another seafood option close by.
    Hope you have a great time. Good luck on the healthy part!

    1. I second the recommendation for Star Provisions - delicious, high quality sandwiches, pastries, and fun food items. The website is Downtown, there is also Spoon...which is a Thai place. Very good and open for lunch most days I believe. Their website is There is also a nice upscale "sports bar" type place that serves a wide variety of types of food. It's called Stats (the restaurant group has a website at I havent been yet...but the initial review of the food is fairly good.