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Dec 28, 2007 06:39 AM

Terre Haute thru Wheeling - on I-70

DC Hound will be bringing a car back from Columbia Mo in early January. I'll be taking in a Mizzou B-ball game and leaving Columbia early to mid afternoon on a Saturday (depending on the score).

I want to lean toward quicker meals, but am looking for dinner between TH and Dayton, breakfast there or a little further east, lunch somewhere in eastern Ohio to western PA.

I'll probably make it to somewhere between Indy and Dayton for the night, btw - and anywhere worth it enough to stop for the night and have a nice sit-down meal would bend the earlier rule of quick meals.

I've found the following by searching on the board for TH:

I seem to recall hearing about some fried chicken maybe a half hour off the highway somewhere in Indiana, but I can't find that mention either.

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  1. There is a B&B in Terre Haute called the Sycamore Inn and the restaurant there (ButtonWoods) is good -- the chef uses lots of local ingredients in his cooking and it is well done. Perfect for a nice sit down meal, but you say you want to get farther than that before you stop.

    For fried chicken, the only places I know are south -- way off 70 but someone else may have better info than I on that. There are good chow choices in Bloomington, but that probably gets you too far off your road.

    When we drive east on 70 we like to try to eat at the Golden Jersey Inn. ( It's a dairy that has basically turned itself into a farmy theme park to make a going enterprise of the place (miniature golf, petting zoo, etc.) but the eating is country good, and major comfort food! It's in Yellow Springs, right off I70 and near Dayton. We haven't had to travel east for a while but when my dad was ill in Pittsburgh we regularly drove though there and a counry meal at the Golden Jersey always soothed my grieving heart.

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      He could be thinking of the Iron Skillet, on the west side of Indy, it probably is about a half hour off the highway.

      The Iron Skillet serves family style fried chicken dinners. It's been a couple of years since I've eaten there but I always enjoyed it and so did my boys.

      In Greenfield (east of Indy) there's a nice restaurant called Carnegies, it's in a former Carnigie Library. He tries to use local foods and the last time I was there I loved the red pepper soup.

      Hope that helps!

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        Further thinking helped me to remember the Kopper Kettle in Morristown (east of Indy)- that would be even closer to the interstate. Fried chicken served family style again.

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        The B&B at which ButtonWoods is located is actually called The Sycamore Farm. Currently, lunch is served there Tuesday through Friday, and dinner only on Fridays. It's quite good indeed; however, it sounds like the OP is looking for quick, cheap eats, which would not describe ButtonWoods. You can read more about it (and find a link to their website) in the topic at

      3. Off of Interstate 70 between Dayton and Columbus on Rt 68 in Urbana, is a great little italian cafe called Paradisio. It is right on the square in Urbana.

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions so far (and keep them coming - my trip is the 12th-13th of Jan. The comfort foods are sounding great!

          1. About 2 miles north of Rt. 13 and I-70 in Ohio (about 25-30 miles east of Columbus) there is a great fried chicken place in Jacksontown called Clark's 740-323-3874 on Rt. 40, the old National Road. They have been there for about 100 years (not kidding, it's an old road house) and are semi famous for their home cooking. They serve fried chicken & fixins in big platters family style and dinner comes with choice of pie. They only serve fried chicken, rib eye steak and ham, so be sure you want one of those if you go. I believe they are open every day lunch & dinner but Monday, so call ahead for details.

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              The Clabber Girl Baking Powder Museum is in Terre Haute.

            2. Stop in Columbus! We're friendly folk and have great chow all around. It's right off of 70 and worth a stop. Great places to stay: Westin Columbus (110 years old and beautiful with great Thurber memorabilia & cartoons!) The Lofts Hotel ( or the German Village Guest House. For eats, anyplace in the Short North (a couple of blocks walk from The Lofts) is a great bet. For fancy, try Rosendales (LOVED it!) or Rigsby's. Marcella's is fun, as are Surly Girl & Betty's. If you're in German Village, DO NOT miss a treat at Pistachia Vera, dine at Handke's Cuisine. Amazing upscale. Lindey's is great... also the Old Mohawk for turtle soup.