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Dec 28, 2007 05:27 AM

Great date place in downtown Stamford?

I'm pretty new to the area and a few of the places that have been recommended are Market and Ocean 211. It's a first date so I'd like a place that is pretty nice. Not worried about cost, just great food, nice atmosphere and not too quiet in case we run out of stuff to talk about! :)

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  1. In addition to Market and Ocean 211 (I've been to the latter and really enjoy it), the new place, Duo, has gotten good reviews on this board (I haven't been). It's in downtown.

    I like Sienna on Summer St. Others aren't as hot on it, but I really like it, it's small and pretty good italian food. the duck ragu with homemade farfalle is great on a cold night.

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      Update: I chose Ocean 211 and I was extremely disappointed. The crab cakes were NOT good--I didn't even finish mine. My ahi tuna was....eh. Wish I'd tried Duo....oh well, there's always next time! Thanks, Jess

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        We went to Ocean 211 once and were very underwhelmed. Definitely wouldn't go back there. Market is very good and has a nice atmosphere. Duo sounds great but I haven't been yet. There are many other nice places in the area.

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