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Dec 28, 2007 05:24 AM

Great new sushi buffet on St. Charles

I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the St. Charles Japanese Sushi Buffet near the corner of St. Charles and Jackson Ave. the other day. I mourned the passing of KanPai on Canal and Carrolton after it got washed away.I was a regular there. This new place has been a godsend. Excellent, fresh fish cut just before it goes on the platters and an amazing variety of superb rolls will fill you up. The area dedicated to cooked food is also impressive. And their desserts are wonderful The surroundings are pleasant and the wait staff couldn't be more accomodating. I highly recommend this place for sushi on a budget. At $12.99 for lunch, you can't beat it. And it even has free valet parking.

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  1. I found it to be just OK. A lot of my stuff that was supposed to be hot ended up being cold.

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      Sushi + Buffet....two words that just don't go together.

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        ever had "guri-guri" sushi? conveyer belts popular in japan an europe. i used to have an awesome place I went to in london... not quite a buffet but quick and cheap.

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          I did indeed go to a conveyor belt sushi joint once in Manhattan. I recall pretty mediocre sushi, pickled ginger w/artificial sweetener, plastic dishes, bad chopsticks. The only high spot was a really, really cool rice-spreading, sushi-rolling machine...

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            Those machines are neat-o. Ever read The Zen of Fish Celest? Its phenomenal for an enthusiast. I actually work at a [to remain undisclosed] sushi restaurant and this book taught me a ton about everything from why (natural) msg tastes good to the historical spread of various fishes through japanese and american sushi...

    2. I Soooooo want this place to be successful, but unfortunatly it is not yet so. So, upon entering I smelled a bit of fishiness which i told myself was wafting in from the dumpster. When I went to the hot food section i got chicken that was not much warmer than room temp, and tasted like it had spent a few days out... well, about 10 hours later i was over the toilet for a couple of days... for a young buck like me it was a much needed post holiday diet, but I would hate for that to happen to a child or senior. Yes, I contacted the restaurant; and the health dept.

      1. This place was a huge let down. The ambience is cheap cafeteria. Definitely catering to those where price and quantity are the primary issues.
        These "buffet" type places only work well when they have the volume to turn the food over and keep repleneshing it, otherwise the stuff just sits there and gets worse by the minute. Also, considering this is the former home of the Versailles and Chefs Table restaurants, it's a bit of a letdown that it is now a cheap buffet place rather than something a bit tonier, especially considering the location.

        1. Hello all!

          I ate at this restaurant for lunch today. I found that compared to other sushi/chinese buffets, this one was above average. However, I only ate sushi and did not eat any of the hot food. My wife ate some of the hot food and said that the fried rice was unremarkable, the BBQ shrimp were quite good and the baked salmon dish was dry though it had a good flavor. The sushi was tasty and fresh. We also appreciated the variety of different and original rolls. Odd thing; For some reason the tamago was presented in cut up chunks on the tray and not strapped onto the back of some rice.

          I did notice the unpleasant odor right after walking in. However, It was not strong and it was not noticed in the main dining area.

          I disagree with the "cheap cafeteria" assessment. I have been in several cheap cafeterias and this was not like that. The interior seems to consist of all new furniture and fixtures. Everything seemed very clean as well. The clientele was above average too, mainly consisting of professionals on lunch break.

          The free valet parking is definitely going to keep this place on my short list.

          I must finish by saying, sorry Hungry Celeste, but in New Orleans all kinds of things go together that you might not expect. :-)

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            I find this buffet to be good for what it is, because you should pretty much know what you're getting yourself into when you enter a sushi buffet. I think the owner used to work at Okinago in metairie so if you liked that, then you should have no problem with this one. But hey, I agree with the idea that sushi should not really be in a buffet line. But sometimes, you gotta get your fix and alot of it.

          2. The original comment has been removed