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Looking for suggestions near the 7th

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Not a starred restaurant but nicer than a cafe. 30-40euro (food) per head. Any thoughts?

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  1. L'Ami Jean, l'Affriolé, le Clos des gourmets, le Babylone, le Troquet, l'Antre-Amis

      1. Au Petite Tonneau on Rue Sarcouf (loved the chantarelles in creme sauce)
        Le Petite Nicois nearby on rue Amelie for seafood (lepetitnicois.com)
        Petrossians (yes the caviar people) have a resaurant at rue de l'Universite on 18 Boulevard de La Tour Maubourg (prix fixe dinner for 45 eu or a la carte) (petrossian.com)
        Also, check out the bakery on the corner of rue Cler (itself one of the best little shopping streets) and rue de Grenelle

        1. L'Os a Moelle in the 15th is only a few metro stops from the 7th and is well worth the trip. 5 course prix fixe for 36 euros and the food is inventive and a far cry above typical bistro.

          1. I'm here right now renting a flat and here are some of the rec.'s from the owner's list:

            Au Bon Accueil 14 rue Montessuy
            Au Petit Sud Ouest 46 Ave de la Boudonnais
            Au Petite Tonneau 20 Rue Surcouf
            Cafe Constant 139 rue St. dominique
            Thiou 3 Rue Surcouf (upscale Thai)
            Les Fables de la Fontaine 131 rue St Dominique
            Violon D'Ingres 135 Rue St dominique

            Don't miss the Rue Cler market on Sunday!!!

            Given the caliber of the attention to detail of this apt. I would trust their judgment.

            1. The 7th has a great number of Michelin "Bib Gourmand" (good food at a reasonable price- all within your budget) restaurants. They also have a new category of "moderately priced" restaurants which includes more spots in the 7th. All info is free on their site.