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Fantaxia - any reviews?

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  • stv Dec 27, 2007 11:16 PM
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Hey all, first post :>

i will be having dinner at Fantaxia on Sun.

Any yays or boos?


3555 Don Mills Rd (N, Finch/ E, Don Mills)
Unit 5, North York
416 492-8880

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  1. Well, just had dinner there tonite.

    called ahead to make sure not too much salt was used, didn't know if they heeded to the request....

    Our dinner was a 7 course Chef's choice for 7 ppl, at $180 inclusive.

    It was ALL, every dish, well maybe the last dish of oyster sause fried noodles was par, was GREAT :>

    Great table appeal, and all the flavours were subtle and tasty.


    BTW: might go back there to have a Chinese New Year meal.

    1. Was there on Sunday on Mother's Day. Very good and unbelievable value. I was also impressed with the portion sizes. I'll be organizing another trip there soon.

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        Food there is generally ok, some are bland like the Scallop with Papaya. I love the double broiled soup there. The steamed whole crab with spinach and egg white is quite good, flavour is on the mild side, more like a family style dish.