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Dec 27, 2007 09:54 PM

Need some advice...please help

Hey everybody, I need some advice. I am taking a very special somebody out for dinner wenesday Jan 2nd and I would like it to be a memorable evening to complement the show we are seeing later that night. As such, I would like to find a nice romantic place in the theater district..i.e midtown west, that serves items like Lobster Bisque....Any suggestions to help my romanitic evening plans?

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  1. Not off hand, but I'll make you a deal. You tell me what current show was actually work the crazy price, and I will find you the best Lobster Bisque in the city!

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        Enjoy! Haven't seen this show yet, but have heard some of the music and it sounded like something I would enjoy. Sorry I lied about the Lobster Bisque tip... but there are so many great restaurants in NY, and plenty that offer a romantic setting.

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          Hey, bnemes,

          I don't usually like musicals, but "Jersey Boys" was fabulous! Afterwards, we had dinner at the nearby Roberto Passon. No lobster bisque, and the ambiance is not romantic, but the food's solid.

          HeyHey123, Town has lobster bisque on its current menu. It's been several years since we had dinner there, but that meal was excellent, and the unusual subterranean space is drop-dead gorgeous!

    1. I just had a wonderful meal with my BF at ViceVersa, a contemporary Italian restaurant on 51st between 8th/9th. The food and atmosphere is simple and elegant and everything was on the mark. It also has a prix fixe dinner for $35.

      Doesn't have lobster bisque---don't know if that means you want a steakhouse or seafood restaurant---but check out the place and the menu:

      1. 'town' has lobster bisque. 'cafe gray' has romantic views of central park. 'quality meats' is hipper and tasty. 'le bernardin' is more formal, renowned seafood & french.

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          thievery's suggestions are very good. le bernardin often has lobster bisque, as well, though it's not listed on the current menu.

          if by "items like lobster bisque" you mean you're looking for comfort foody type dishes in a comfortable setting, do look into morrell's wine bar in the rockefeller center. i personally find le bernardin a little bit too sterile and formal to be romantic, though the food is good. morrell's has a little more hustle bustle and is a little warmer. it serves a lovely chestnut soup on the regular menu and all sorts of comfort food like roasted onion tart (great), shrimp risotto, and braised short ribs.

        2. has anybody heard of Hurley's?? any good?

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            Hurley's is an Irish pub - I can't comment on the food but I've had a few drinks there. The 2nd floor is cozy (they built-in bookshelves!); never seen the 3rd floor. I don't know if I'd call it romantic...but it's not a dump either. Definitely more casual if that's what you're looking for.

          2. One of my theater dist. faves is Bar Americain (52nd bet 6/7th) - not necessarily romantic but great, varied menu including comfort food... There's a bisque-y soup on the menu now, I can't recall what. Lots of raw bar selections including romantic oysters! You could ask for a table on the mezz which is quieter and more secluded.