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Dec 27, 2007 07:52 PM

A restaurant with delicious but unusual desserts?

I want to take my husband out for dessert, and he's particularly fond of unusual and creative desserts, especially a mix of savory/salty with sweet. We had a marvelous tomato/basil/shortbread dessert at Au Cinquième Péché last summer, and I might try going back there. I've heard good things about the desserts at Laloux, but when we went last summer although the food was delicious (even the vegetarian food), the desserts fell flat. But that was only one visit, perhaps I should try again? But before heading back to Au Cinquième Péché or Laloux I thought I'd see if anyone else has any suggestions for where to go for dessert. A romantic atmosphere, perhaps with live (but low key) music, would be a plus, as it's for our anniversary.

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  1. I'm not sure this is unusual enough for you, but we went to Aszu wine bar this week and the desserts were wonderful. There was a salted caramel with sour cream glacee on the menu. We had the golden pomme mousse on shortbread with glacee parfumee, and the maple cheesecake - probably the best cheesecake we've ever had. The sommelier, Yann, was wonderful. We ate in the lounge and it was very quiet that night...not sure how the dining room and/or a busier night would be.

    1. I'd never had anything like the pain doré at Leméac, but I'm not sure how unusual it is ... it's certainly not like pain doré that I make at home.

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        Should I not admit that I don't know what pain doré is? I tried doing a google search but only got back the bakery.

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            I'm not sure , but I think eoj may have meant the pain perdu at Leméac, which is more like bread pudding than french toast. I could be wrong, though.

            The French use the term pain perdu for french toast, but here we say pain doré. I don't know when people here started calling bread pudding, pain perdu. I've only seen that use since the 90's.

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              I meant the pain perdu, but I would have said it was a fancy french toast. It doesn't at all fit what I think of as bread pudding.

      2. They have some interesting desserts at Decca77. On the web site it lists things like poached banana with saffron, roasted almonds and sorbet, rhum foam

        1. My vote is for Chez L'epicier on St. Paul St. in Old Montreal. Favorite dessert is the club sandwich which actually looks like a mini club sandwich cut into triangles but the slices of bread are cake, the tomatoes are strawberries, the fries are made from pineapple, etc. Unfortunately I have just ruined the surprise for you.

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            Oh yeah, I forgot that we went there last summer as well, for the tasting menu. I don't remember what we got specifically but I remember that it wasn't very memorable, taste wise. I think the fun of it was more in the concept than the taste combinations. But thanks for reminding me! I'm always willing to give a place a second chance. Can anyone else vouch for the desserts there?