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Dec 27, 2007 07:27 PM

A YAY! and a BOO! at Angeline's

Seeking dinner on this nasty night and me with the remains of a cold, went into Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen. We had some trouble ordering as the waitress seemed quite busy but after a while she sent the manager/owner to take our order. My husband and I ordered to share: a cup of gumbo and the Andouille meatballs and I got the Brussels sprouts. The gumbo was spicy and my husband was scarfing it down. I couldn't get much taste because of my cold. Despite my cold I could tell the meatballs were fantastic, tender and huge, in a spicy and delicious tomato sauce. Quite a bargain at, I believe $9.95. (I don't remember for sure and the website isn't updated.) We ate these leisurely, dipping the piece of adequate but not great bread into the sauce. Then I waited a while for my Brussels sprouts which, when they came, were good--as I posted in the past. We had ordered the buttermilk fried chicken to share also--it comes with Blue Lake beans and mashed sweets so after a few sprouts I decided to save the rest to have with the chicken. We waited. And waited. And waited. As the brown butter on the sprouts congealed to a slimy grease and as the table next to us, which had ordered virtually at the same time, finished their entrees (including chicken!), my husband Who Hates To Make A Fuss asked the waitress about our chicken. She snarled at us that it would be right out. We sat some more and asked again. She snarled again: 4 more minutes. We waited 10 and asked again. 2 more minutes. Still no sign of chicken though tables that were seated after us were getting entrees. Finally my husband said, "Can we have the check?" She brought it and slammed it down. The manager (owner?) came over. I thought he was going to apologize. Instead he said he checked the computer and it was only twenty minutes from when we'd originally ordered. This was so far from the truth and from what was possible considering what we'd ordered, waited for and gotten and eaten, that I was offended.

My husband left a tip. For that I was pissed at him on the way home. And yet I can't remember the last time we felt this way about a restaurant experience. If only the chicken had come. If only the waitress had been nice. If only the manager had been apologetic.

And I'd been planning to post that there should be a "Ball Crawl" with Pizziaolo's (admitttedly not a bargain) balls and these, too.

Am I way off course.

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  1. Interesting. It's reasonable to expect a server to be more accurate about how long you have to wait (if they know or can find out). Had she simply said that the kitchen was behind or your order was entered late, it probably would've been better. But then, that would require a desire to meet your expectations.

    The one time I was there, we weren't too impressed with the service either. For breakfast, coffee came out at the same time as the entrees which was about 15 minutes after we ordered, and the starters took a while too. The place was busy so we understood, but the attitude of the server was not exactly customer facing. It's a shame because we enjoyed the food. I particularly liked the hangtown fry, but would not go there if I was in a hurry.

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      My impression was: if it was twenty minutes by the computer from when the chicken entree was ordered, it was ordered an hour after the starters--i.e. forgotten at first in a misguided attempt to pace the kitchen. If the manager had apologized, we'd have waited some more, eaten some of the chicken or taken it home, and forgiven the place, going in to eat again, frequently, as I liked the food and it's located where my husband can walk to meet me when I work late and drive over. One waitress was pleasant (the one with piercings) but the other, sharp-faced with hair pulled back in a pony tail, was really shrewish. Perhaps they don't care about returning local couples who just want dinner rather than groups.

    2. I was there last night, too, sitting in the window!! And, you are definitely right about the service being a bit off, although I got the waitress with the piercings whom I got a smile out of after a little prodding.

      Although I didn't order the andouille meatballs, they looked and smelled fantastic. The manager said that they would soon be added as an entree over a thicker cut pasta which I don't remember (they are currently a starter). I ordered the jambalaya despite all the negative reports on CH and low and behold - not great. The rice was nicely cooked, but the sauce tasted a little too strongly of tinned tomatoes and the chicken was cardboardish. Whatever, it was cold outside and I was satisfied. My friend ordered the Cajun Mixed Grill and was really turned off by the cold grilled shrimp with mustard sauce over some kind of shredded iceberg lettuce slaw, but loved the hot link which tasted liked it had been seasoned with a coriander/cumin-based spice blend that was out of this world. He also got an order of the cajun fries after they refused to substitute for the potato salad that comes with the mixed grill (and is actually pretty good IMO) but unfortunately, they came out luke warm and went cold pretty quickly. The only way he said he'd return with me again was for the hot links. We ended with a slice of cold pecan pie which was boring and not worth mentioning.

      What I should have ordered: side of blue lake beans, voodoo bbq shrimp, beignets. Oh well, next time.

      Edit: Forgot to mention that we waited a solid 20 minutes for our food and regretted not ordering starters.

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      1. re: adrienne156

        Had I known, I would have said hello and shared our meatballs. But then I was still coughing from my bronchitis. I'd say we waited an hour for our entree--and didn't get it. What a shame. I feel if they'd TRY, it could be a great place. What is the big deal about substituting?

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          I need to get my butt over to a chowdown so I can meet some of the bay area hounds because I'm sure we frequent some of the same places... I definitely would've said hello back. :o)

          Not sure about the substituting and friend was definitely not pleased. My best guess is that the kitchen was short staffed which would make the wait for food longer (your chicken?) and substituting something like potato salad for something that needs to be heated to order (our french fries) would makes things even worse. But, an hour, yikes... From what I could see, they had two servers and a busser on with only a couple of empty two tops when I came in around 7:15. ..And if I'm right about the kitchen, as far as your grumpy server goes, I'm sure she was getting it from every body which doesn't make it right, but the management needs to step it up and get some more people in that kitchen.