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Dec 27, 2007 07:20 PM

Oklahoma City best restaurants

I'm looking for the best Tex-Mex, Barbecue, and the best place for a country breakfast. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I have recently given Ted's Escondido - NW 68th St. east of May Ave. my approval of good local Tex-Mex. Lots of local flare. If you want awesome Mexcian - Try Los Cobas in Jenks along Riverwalk. Excellent New Mexico flare.
    Leo's on Kelly Ave. is great as well as County Line.
    KC Blues on Britton Rd. is very affordable and consistently good.
    Jimmy's Egg cannot be beat for a good breakfast. Like all of the locations.
    My favorites is the one on May North of Memorial as well as the one on
    Classen. Also try Classen Grille if you don't mind the long wait.

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    1. re: john2

      Los Cabos is actually Tulsa metro, not OKC.

      My dad loves Gary Dale's BBQ - I have no idea where it's located in OKC but he likes it.

      For Tex-Mex hit up Chelino's or Ted's Cafe Escondido. I personally don't care for Ted's but it's always busy and everyone rants about it.

      It's also agreed upon that Classen Grill is the best place for breakfast all over these boards.

      1. re: drgnflychic

        I didn't know Gary Dale's was still around! My absolute pick for BBQ in OKC is
        Leo's at 3631 N. Kelly St. (36th St.). It will be full up if you get there after 11:30 on a work day. There isn't much parking and it isn't the best neighborhood, but the food is excellent, including the pie and lemon cake. I have never seen the attraction for Ted's either. I think it is was one of the earlier Tex Mex places in the city and people are nostalgic because they went there as kids. Now we have more options, like the original Chelino's in South OKC which is way better than the one in Bricktown, although I don't say no to eating there either. It is fun to sit out on the faux canal.

        And I'm one of the ones touting the Classen Grill. I wouldn't say it is "country" but it is definitely true OKC.

    2. Pepe Delgado's is the supreme tex-mex place. You'll find it located in Norman's historic campus corner district. As far as barbeque, Leo's has a pretty good dessert if I remember, but I put my money on Mr. Spriggs BBQ in Midwest City on Air Depot for the good stuff. Now, I am showing a bit of a Norman bias (cough, cough), but as far as a country breakfast, you have three great options in the city. 1. The Diner: be prepared to bring cash and wait, but this place is the best. Located on beautiful downtown Main st. 2. Ozzie's Diner located at Max Westheimer Airport: All you can eat, with a pretty dazzling array of goods. Also, it feels like an old school greasy spoon but has the added charm of giving the customer the ability to view planes as they take off and land. 3. Sunny Side Up: It's on west Robinson, and it really doesn't get very much more country than this place.

      1. Is Classen Grill still in business? Drove by on a Sunday morning and they looked closed, and the exterior of the building is starting to look really run-down.