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Dec 27, 2007 06:43 PM

Backstube Austrian Cafe and Bakery Reno, Quick report

After a few days in Tahoe, hubby and I made the drive over to Reno to visit sister Janet and family and to enjoy turkey dinner....I was in charge of dessert, so at Janet's suggestion we stopped at this place in a small shopping center on the corner of (West) McCarran and Mayberry.

On the Sunday before Christmas most of the pastries were spoken for, but we were able to grab a chocolate/rasberry cake and a linzer torte: both were excellent. If I lived nearby I'd definitely stop in to try more of the selections...

There is a nice wine shop in the same complex (Whispering Vine). At first glance it seemed a bit California-centric, but I think that might be because we mostly explored the front room, and I think the rooms are divided more or less regionally. We were pleased to discover a decent selection of single malts in the back room...


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  1. Backstube and Great Harvest (a chain, I believe) are the only decent bakeries in Reno. The bakery by Janet, I can't remember it's name, tends to have its bread undercooked. And Josef's of Vienna on Moana Lane has gotten embarassingly bad.
    There's an offbeat pizza place there too. It specializes in weird combinations.

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      The pizza place is Eclipse - pretty decent, actually. I like the pesto w/sundried tomatoes, ham, and macadamia nuts. But, as far as bakeries...what about House of Bread? I think they're okay, and, altho not in Reno but readily available throughout town, is Truckee Sourdough. I really like their products.

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        House of Bread is the one Steve is referring to, that he said tends to have the bread undercooked. I really can't comment, even though its only a few blocks from my house there always seems to be a really long line so I never bother going there.....the one time I did I wasn't particularly impressed.

        I do agree with you that the Truckee Sourdough products are good...that's why I don't bother to wait in line at House of Bread...I just go down the block to Raley's instead and pick up a Truckee Sourdough loaf instead......