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Dec 27, 2007 05:47 PM

Chicago transplant seeks NYE deep dish pizza!

So we've lived in Baltimore for 9 months now and have tried quite a few pizza places here - of them all, I really enjoyed Matthews. I know that pizza is a hotly contested topic, but I'm a Chicago native, and to me pizza = deep dish.

My husband and I have waited too long to order a Chicago pizza half-baked and shipped to Baltimore for New Year's Eve, when we traditionally had deep dish pesto pizza from a place called Edwardo's in Chicago. When we lived in Chicago we never went to Uno's (I made a vow never to go to a restaurants where the servers needed walkie-talkies) but is Uno's down in the harbor going to be our only option for true deep dish pizza to get as a take-out order?

Despite the pizza issue I am warming up to Baltimore thanks in no small part to some of the great meals we've experienced here - just went to Ze Mean Bean tonight and couldn't have enjoyed it more. We're trying Matsuri tomorrow night.

Thanks, hounds!

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  1. If you can find something even close to Edwardo's, please share it! I've been looking for over 20 years with no luck. Uno's will have to do. You might want to check out this website for ordering not only pizza, but Italian beefs, Vienna hot dogs, etc.

    I've been happy with numerous things I've ordered. Of course, longing for it may sometimes make it taste better than it is when it arrives!

    1. Edwardo's will ship, but you're right. It's too late for New Year's Eve. I especially love their spinach pizza. We've lived in the South and Mid-Atlantic for over 15 years, but I still find myself talking food with anyone else traveling to or from Chicago.

      Every time we go back to visit I bring back El Ranchero tortilla chips, Salerno butter cookies and oyster crackers. I've also carried home a 20 lb box of Vienna Beef hotdogs (natural casing, of course).

      Ok, I've digressed. This is the Baltimore board. And there's lots of wonderful food to explore here too! Happy New Year!

      1. I'm a Chicago native and a big Edwardo's fan myself. Although several places advertise Chicago-style pizza, they serve only one type of Chicago-style pizza: a product similar to what Leona's and Uno's serve, not Edwardo's. It's a thick pie with a butter crust, tomato sauce under the cheese, and lots of toppings. Sometimes good but not what I think of as true Chicago-style.
        The closest I've found to the Edward's/Gino's/Home Run Inn Product--an inch thick with tomato sauce on top--is the Home Run Inn frozen pizza. Cooked on a pizza stone in a decent oven, it's quite good.Harris Teeter and Wegman's both carry it. Enjoy!

        1. Chgo girl here too! Love Eduardo's, and also Lou's of course, and besides the FEDEX options from either of these places there is nothing to be found even close here. When we have a craving for good pizza here, we also go to Matthew's (by Patterson Park). It's amazing pizza -- but not anywhere close to home -- but it beats NY thin crust soggy pizza by miles! :)