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Jan 15, 2001 04:49 AM

Sushi in Little Tokyo

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In all the various discussions about ethnic restaurants, particularly the Chinese places in the San Gabriel valley, I have not heard about the Chowhounds choice for Sushi in Little Tokyo itself.
Have at it.


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  1. The choice of Shibucho in Little Tokyo Square used to be automatic, a no-brainer. But since Shibuya-san retired, the other places are bunched more closely together. Sushi Gen is usually pretty good, but nothing is mind-bending.

    Mr. Armitage, I'm sure, will demur.

    1. Actually, Gretchen, there have been lots of postings about sushi in Los Angeles, including, but certainly not limited to, Little Tokyo. Use the search function in the upper right-hand corner of Chowhound’s main page and type in +sushi +”los angeles”. You’ll come up with lots of stuff to read. I don’t have much new to add, so will refer you to my previous Chowhound posts on this subject. Despite the demise of my favorite spot, Shibucho, there are lots of good sushi restaurants in Los Angeles, and they’re not all located in Little Tokyo.

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        regarding the demise of shibucho in Yaohan plaza and its successor restaurant Tsukasa, I posted my reviews a while ago. Take a quick gander on an old thread lower on the main page, if you're interested.