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Flavored popcorn ideas?

I'm doing a cocktail party in a few weeks and have a mind to do some flavored popcorn rolled up in pretty paper cones.

Does anyone have some interesting flavor combinations to sprinkle on the popcorn? Probably looking for savory rather than sweet.

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  1. butter and Slap ya Mamma seasoning
    butter and dukkah
    butter, oregano and sea salt
    butter, salt and vinegar.

    1. So glad you asked! I swear by a bit of salt,curry powder and a small squirt of Sriacha - shake it all up and prepare yourself for popcorn heaven!

      1. freshly grated Parmesan cheese and smoked paprika (with butter and a salt)

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          Oooh. I already have a mix of sea salt and smoked paprika from Penzeys. These are all making my mouth water.

        2. Infuse a little olive oil with rosemary, toss the popcorn in and salt. Its incredible addictive!

          1. My husband uses xx-hot curry (oh the beautiful pain...probably not good for company though), and also likes a mixture of salt, pepper, chipotle and pasilla powders (very smokey and wonderful). He makes his popcorn using an saucepan with olive oil and just tosses the seasonings in while he's waiting for the popcorn to pop.

            I like olive oil with salt and pepper.

            For a sweet-salty combo, I've been know to do salted butter with dark chocolate drizzle.

            1. We're boring with garlic butter, parmesan and rosemary. It is very good, though. Also try brown butter and aleppo pepper.

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              1. This might sound gross, but I swear it is yummy: nutritional yeast, in liberal doses as it's not very strongly flavored. I don't know if you would want to do this on its own or combined with another flavoring, but it adds a really nice nuttiness.

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                  This might sound even more gross, but I like mine with nutritional yeast and tamari. I adore it but the SO thinks I'm a hippy. A little messy, though, so probably not great for parties.

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                    you should try it with nutritional yeast and bragg's aminos...another great combo.

                  2. Butter and black pepper
                    Truffle oil, butter and season salt

                    I once had a friend that used lipton soup mix and butter - odd but not bad

                    1. We like brown butter, Old Bay, orange zest & chocolate and the ol' standby parmigiano

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                        I'll second the Old Bay. I was surprised it took this long for it to show up on the list.

                      2. I just did these two the other night. 1. Zaatar 2. Smoked paprika

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                          I was thinking that Zaatar would be delicious! I've been using cheap black truffle oil from TJ's to actually pop the corn in then sprinkling it with parm.

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                            Wow, the truffle oil idea sounds ridiculously good.

                        2. Butter and Montreal Steak Seasoning from McCormick. Spicy and gooooood!

                          1. Truffle salt! I prefer it to truffle oil.

                            Also, I like spirulina powder + cayenne pepper. For 1/3 c. unpopped popcorn, I use about 3/4 tsp spirulina and a couple of shakes of cayenne.

                            1. I like these combos:

                              sesame oil and gomasio or nori flakes (not both, it's overkill)
                              fresh sage fried in olive oil
                              fresh lime juice, coarse salt and chili powder
                              that Goya yellow seasoning packet (careful, though, it stains your fingers)
                              cumin and mustard seeds fried in butter
                              that fried garlic garnish used in Vietnamese/Thai cooking

                              1. I'm another fan of truffle oil and parmesan, although I haven't tried popping it in the truffle oil. i also like to do cumin, a touch of cayenne, and finely grated cheddar. If I'm alone, I add diced avocado, but it's messy to eat.

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                                  i've been eating alot of popcorn lately and have been experimenting w/ flavor combinations. some of my favorites are:

                                  salt and ground jalepeno powder on peanut-oil popped cornn (reminds me of tim's cascade jalapeno potato chips)
                                  sea salt and wasabi powder
                                  katsuo mirin furikake
                                  salt, ground cayenne & lemon pepper
                                  soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar, garlic powder, sesame seeds

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                                    Ooooh, I love it with teriyaki furikake and butter. Perfect.