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Dec 27, 2007 04:51 PM

Good breakfast spots near Century City?

We're visiting LA with our two small children and are looking for good places to eat breakfast while we're here. We're on Olympic Blvd. across the street from Ralph's and would love something close and delicious but not fancy.

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      1. People with children swear by John O' Groats.

        On Pico, just west of Fox studios.

        1. Okay, John O Groats and Clementines are both super places, with JOG being the more kid friendly. But here's a suggestion within walking distance - go West on Olympic make the second left and walk down to Pico . Sorry, I can't remember the street's name. When you get to Pico cross the street and head into the Ranch Park Golf course. Walk to the right till you come to the putting green and clubhouse. The coffee shop in the clubhouse is more than adequate, comfortable, with nice booths overlooking the driving range. They have standard breakfast fare and good coffee. I love the place - it's very relaxing, and your kids might enjoy seeing the golfers. Plus you get a nice walk, rare in LA..

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            Wow, thanks for all of the suggestions! We're excited to have so many places to try.

            1. re: Jeryy

              The street is Patricia Ave.

              Thanks for the reminder about the golf course coffee shop - haven't been there since I was in high school (almost 40 years ago). It was fun!

              1. re: sherpa50

                Why would anyone go to the golf course coffee shop for breakfast, unless they're running late for their tee time, with John O'Groats a mere long putt away?

                1. re: soccerandlost

                  Because with kids it isn't all about the food. The food is far superior at John O 'Groats but it's more expensive and noisier. And often excellent food is wasted on kids. The coffee shop is calm, friendly, and they have booths, which is a kid friendly plus.

                  1. re: Jeryy

                    "And often excellent food is wasted on kids"

                    personally, I think excellent food is NEVER wasted on children, whether they appreciate it at the time or not.

                    O'Groats is great for kids. I have never eaten there and not seen children, who always have a good time. The staff likes them and treats them well, the food is yummy, and there is a counter and lots of room.

            2. Clementine is always packed, so it isn't really a good place for kids (wonderful eats, though!)... I don't understand the big deal about John O'Groats. It is kid-friendly, and the service is great, but the food was so underwhelming the time I tried it that we haven't had a reason to go back.
              An admittedly odd recommendation for families in that area is the counter service at Harper's Express at the Century City food court. They make a mean breakfast panini and, depending how little your litte ones are, there is a family room (with changing tables, kid furniture, and even a nursing area) only a few feet away.

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              1. re: October

                The Harper's express (and the Harper's) are now gone from the CC food court, replaced by a crepe place.

                1. re: BabyLitigator

                  Egads. Shows how much I go out since the rugrat.

                2. re: October

                  go back to JOG for the biscuits and pancakes. Get the lemon curd, a fruit one, a pumpkin one (ooh) pour caramel on the pumpkin one..get as many different pancakes as you can there! also try the huevos O Groats

                  1. re: Diana

                    Looks like I just didn't know what to get--pumpkin and caramel? I'll go.

                    1. re: October

                      you gotta ask for the caramel sauce on the side. It's from some other cake, but I like it on the pumpkin pancakes!