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Dec 27, 2007 04:43 PM

ATL--any good BBQ ITP?

I live in Decatur, and love the variety of food and especially ethnic restaurants in ATL, but occasionally I just want a good ole BBQ sandwich (I'm originally from TN, so "good ole BBQ" in my book is defined as hickory smoked, pulled pork, not soaking in sauce, with maybe some slaw on top). I've tried Maddy's and it's passable, but are there other recommendations inside I-285? Any close by that are not too far outside I-285?


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  1. ATL foodie.....I grew up in E. N.C. and probably grew up eating the same type of BBQ you did. The ONLY place in Atl that I would ever eat BBQ is at Dusty's on Briarcliff Rd at Clifton. Get their chopped pork sandwich. They'll add slaw if you like. Their sauces are not of the "ketchupy" type that most folks seem to associate with BBQ. The original owner...."Dusty" grew up about 20 miles from me in N.C, I miss having them close by. When I was in Atl, I ate there several times a month. Give it a shot!

    1. Deepster's recommending eastern NC style BBQ (finely pulled drenched w/ vinegar/chile sauce). Personally, I don't think Dusty's is very good. I'd go to Fox Bros. or Pig n Chik over Dusty's. I haven't been in forever, but The Local on Ponce used to do a decent sandwich, offered with a six-pack of sauces.

      If you're feeling really adventurous, you could get takeout from The Boss on Glenwood. The first time I went, it was amazing. Maybe not as much the second time. It's kinda scary inside.

      All are ITP. Here's some year-old intel on metro Q (my website has been down for a while, so the pix won't come up):

        1. I like Dusty's and Pig n Chick, but I really like Spiced Right, they have two locations, not inside the perimeter, but, that's how good they are.

          1. in no particular order:
            Daddy Dz on Memorial
            Rolling Bones on Edgewood
            Harold's on McDonough

            never been to Dusty's, i've heard it's good for eastern nc style?
            There's also a bbq place in West End where you can supposedly get a pig ear sandwich, (which is a bit too authentic for me, but if they serve that, they GOTTA have good food!)...I can't think of the name of it, though.

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              Never been to Rolling Bones.

              DaddyDz -- it's been a while since I've been there, but when I've gone on the Friday/Saturday, it's very good.

              Harold's is also excellent -- but I believe excellent throughout the whole week.

              I don't know what wood they use to smoke it.