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Jan 13, 2001 08:30 PM

reign southern restaurant

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anybody been to this upscale soul in bev. hills. is the food any good or is it just hype/foodiesh. any great signature dishes?

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    I'll never dine at Reign, due to all the negative feedback I've heard from friends and such. First of all the place is totally pretentious, in that I don't mind them having a dress code,( I actually like dressing up to go to certain places such as Spago's, Lawry's, Patina, etc...) but I can do without having a security guy in the front of the place look you over to make sure you aren't wearing tennis shoes, jeans, and the like. This is because this place is owned by the football player Keyshawn Johnson and he wants to keep it 'upscale' and not let it become a gang hangout, or shall we say lower class hangout. What a hypocrite, since he's African American and doesn't want young African americans coming in to his I also find it ironic that this character owns this plush restaurant in Beverly Hills and yet is on one of the Waiting Pages online,(where there is a very link on this page) as a celebrity who's a horrible tipper. A little advice Keyshawn; Don't open a so called classy restaurant, if your too cheap to be classy yourself and tip well or at least decently when you dine out. He makes me sick to tell you the truth.
    And, although I've seen on television and heard from others that the dining space is very nice, everyone I know as well as reviews I've read have said the service was absolutely horrible and the food varied from decent to kind of good. For the high prices they charge, I just don't think so called 'soul food' such as fried chicken, mac and cheese, and even crabcakes justify the price due to fairly basic ingredients and dishes. I couldn't care less if the place burnt down to the ground, and with the track record of prior restaurants that were in that very same space over the years that Reign is currently occupying, hopefully its demise will be soon and it will be only a fading distant memory.

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      OK, so with Georgia and Shark Bar closed - anyone know why? - what's a good, "date restaurant" (a little "nicer" than Roscoes is fine) ?