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Dec 27, 2007 04:26 PM

Quick Rec: Inner Harbor, good eats, cigar friendly lounge

We are entertaining an out of town friend who is staying in the Harbor area... we are looking for decent/good food place that has a nice lounge/bar area that we can relax with a nice Habano and a cocktail.

Candidates so far: Capital Grille, RUB, La Tasca, ??? --- preferably no Ruths Chris/Havana Club

Price is not an object but ambience is. Any other suggestions/reviews?

Thanks in advance....

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  1. I suppose it depends on how far out of the actual Inner Harbor you're willing to go. Are you driving?

    In the harbor itself is of course the Charleston. It's reputation is pretty well established and I think most people agree that the ambience of the place is fantastic.

    But honestly, if you're flexible, all of the city is available to you. Little Italy with Aldo's and especially places like Bicycle I would recommend

    1. dinner at The Prime Rib (jacket and tie, $$$$) be elegant for a night. superb steaks and seafood, jazz trio,N.Y. vibe, and cigars and cognac at the bar after dinner. alas after 2/1/08 forget the cigar.

      1. I think due to the cigar there are only two decent choices, Prime Rib and Havana Club. Both are top notch, I personally think Havana is the nicer of the two, but I think the GM there is a tool, but thats me personally. I mean you're comparing apples to apples, more so like granny smith to granny smith. Charleston is nice but no smoke. Capital Grill has a better location than Ruth Chris Water st.