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Dec 27, 2007 04:24 PM

Dim Sum in Fullerton? YES!

Why venture out of the SGV to have dim sum? We'll that's what I was thinking on Christmas day when our friends invited us for dim sum at a place in Fullerton. Fullerton? WTPho? We went to California Asian Bistro and it was surprisingly good. Maybe it was my low expectations or the fact that I though it was silly to have Chinese food 35 minutes away from home instead of 5-10 minutes away. Anyways, once I got over the sports bar/diner appearance and the food started flowing, my taste buds and stomach were pleasantly appeased. It's an order of the menu type of dim sum service. Tons of stuff on the menu, but you won't find the funkier kinds of stuff like tripe, curry fish balls, etc. What you will find is solid and expertly crafted dim sum. I've listed what I remembered we had and added a star rating. While no dishes garnered the 5 star rating, but what dim sum does anyways. California Asian Bistro does have some pretty good xiao long baos. The wrapper is supple yet strong like those at DTF and with plenty of juice inside. I could eat a whole order by myself if allowed. We ordered the standard array of food and probably ordered too much, but that provided for a nice snack afterwards later that day.

I wouldn't hesitate to send my dim sum loving OC friends there for dim sum in lieu of SGV dim sum.

*****= best ever/orgasmic/sublime/got to have it
**** = one of the best I've had in a while
*** = comparable to SGV dim sum
** = meh, would go out of my way for this one
* = memorable for the wrong reason

**** xiao long bao / Shanghai Dumpling
*** chicken feet / phoenix claw
*** rolled rice noodle, shrimp
*** rolled rice noodle, bbq pork
* i am not an egg roll (funky name but essentially a strip of fish cake, battered and fried)
*** siu mai
*** har gow / steamed shrimp dumpling
* scallop dumpling (kind of dry and mealy)
** fish dumpling (maybe 3*, but I'm not a fan of fish dumplings)
*** wrapped sticky rice
*** cha siu bao / BBQ pork bun
*** hom sui gok / fried taro dumpling
*** steamed pork spare ribs
*** egg custard tart
*** pot stickers

California Asian Bistro
1000 S Harbor Blvd
Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 526-7888

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  1. Thanks for the rec, I'll be sure to try it and report back on my experience.

    1. I've always avoided this place. "It's an 'Asian Bistro'. In the parking lot of a COSTCO. NOT HAPPENING!"

      Shows I should have tried it once.

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      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        My thoughts too. The menu looked ok. Even has squab.

        Maybe I'll try to get some take out.

      2. Thanks for the info. With slim pickings in OC for dim sum, any new addition is welcome.

        1. SGV is closer to me so I will, likely, never need to know about this place BUT I LOVE YOUR RATING SYSTEM, mpken!!! Well done. It should be adapted throughout chowdom.

          1. That restaurant has changed hands so many times. I hope this restaurant does well. Most of the Chinese in Fullerton hasn't been good --the quality usually veering off into a grease pit. So it'll be good to have something nearby, rather than having to drive so far --or always cook it myself.

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            1. re: callie

              CAB in Fullerton has been pretty crowded on weekends, particularly Sundays, during the traditional Dim Sum hours and with NFL crowds in the bar. Never full, never a wait, however.

              Other than that, its pretty dead, but the owners have been trying a lot of special things
              like sporting event specials (boxing, football, etc.). I notice that their sign used to also say "Sushi Bar", it now says "Sports Bar".

              They've also been playing around with different versions of the Dim Sum menu, offering both the traditional as well as offering combo plates.

              I live right near there, and go by quite often. During December, it was hell to park there because of the Costco and Toys R US nearby.