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Jan 13, 2001 05:29 AM

Calorie Counting Help

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I just started a diet (shudder) and its one of those plain old "eat less food and lose weight" diets. That's the bad news. The good news is that I'm figuring out that there are a zillion diet-compatible foods to eat. The problem is figuring out how to calculate the calories, because the listings I've seen tend to be very narrow.

What's a strategy for calculating, say, the calories in Mexican shrimp coctail (a fine dietitic food) or a spring roll? Key ingredients, like large shrimp and rice rolls, don't get listed.

Without numbers for things like tendons, tripe, intestines, organ meats, unusual fruits, various fishes, and marinades, it's terribly difficult to figure out the exact numbers.

Any tips?

PS - my tips: good foods: shrimp coctails (cocteles de camarones), thai salads, tandoori chicken, pastas, tuna salad, peas and rice, ham, spam, tofu.

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  1. Here's a link to FoodTV's calorie counter page. I know there are other sites as well that give very in-depth nutitional info for all kinds food combinations.,1...

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      Well most tripe and intestines, and most offal in general, range in about 5-7 grams of pro. and 1-3 grams of fat per oz. Brain is a lot more fattening as is foie Shrimp is also generally low fat and the size of the shrimp doesn't change the macronurient profile much. An ounce of shrimp has 5.5 grams of protein and a gram of fat. Obviously if your on a diet, cal. should be limited but the main factor in successful fat loss (notice I said fat loss and not weight loss, cause who in their right mind wants to lose metabolically active muscle which allows you to burn more calories) is to limit your carb intake, and that means holding back on the starchy carbs such as rice, pasta, potatoes, and breads. Sugar should also be severely restricted. If you limit carb intake you can still enjoy all the intestines and meat you want. Carbs are the main culprit in unsuccessful weight loss, not FAT, due to their effects on insulin which contributes to fat gain. When dining out avoid fried items, and especially dishes that are breaded and fried cause they are both high in carbs (from the breading, flour, corn starch, etc...) and fat. The worst thing you can do when your on a diet is to combine both high fat and high carbs together. This is because the insulin stimulated by the carbs will store both excess carbs and fat into fat cells, which is obviously not what you want. So basically when you dine out, if you don't want to sabotage your diet, yet still enjoy yourself, stay away from as much carbs as possible! Hope this cleared a few misconceptions up.

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        this is terrible advice. don't avoid carbs; just eat high fiber carbs, whole grains, and don't go overboard. the only reason cutting carbs works is that it restricts calories and sends you into mild ketosis. you lose water weight.

        the high-protein/low-carb diet is the quick and easy path to weight loss. it's the dark side of the force. don't be seduced by it. you'll have to eat that way for the rest of your life and you'll get heart disease and smell bad. people persist in pushing these diets because they have such quick and dramatic results but the laws of thermodynamics can never be escaped. there's always a price to pay. you might as well just bite the bullet and do what everybody knows you have to do to be healthy: eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and sometimes meat, drink only water, and go running for pete's sake.

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