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Dec 27, 2007 03:47 PM

Kosher/Halal Butchers? (center city/NW philly)

Hello All -
Any advice on where to get meat - specifically Lamb shoulder - that's either kosher or halal?
Quality and price both important. Preferably, either in center city or in the germantown-to-chestnut hill area.


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  1. Trader Joe's has kosher turkey breast, ground turkey, chicken, and steaks. However, I don't believe they kosher lamb. I found this butcher that isn't too far from center city.

    919 Montgomery Avenue . Narberth, PA 19072 . Phone: 610-660-9696 . Fax: 610-660-0152

    1. There is a cute little Halal butcher at I believe 23rd and South.
      There is no kosher butcher in Center City. The most convenient one I believe is the Kosher Experience inside the Shop Rite in Cherry Hill. They have lamb shoulder, but it's best to call and special order it. Thank you.

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      1. re: Bride of the Juggler

        I went into that butcher once, the one by 23rd and south (or somewhere in that area), but just to ask if they carry merguez. (they don't, or at least they didn't).

        I was hoping someone had some experience with it.


        Anything kosher out in Abington?

        1. re: Bob Loblaw

          Nothing kosher in Abington -- nearest kosher is in NE Philly or the Shoprite at the Boulevard near Haldeman.

      2. Figured I'd write in, in case anyone searches this later.
        I went to the place at 23rd and south.
        Not totally impressed. The place just didn't seem as clean as I'd have liked. Strong smell of ammonia, but just looked like that was covering over some less-than-idea habits. This is more about the floor and the general area than the part that actually had the meat, but still not a good sign.
        The meat I bought - Lamb shoulder - looked good.
        When I cooked it up (braise), it wound up a bit tough, but I can't place all the blame on the meat. I'm no expert at cooking it, and I had a bunch of other dishes going (as well as dinner guests arriving), so I couldn't give it the attention it deserved.