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Dec 27, 2007 03:25 PM

12 Pounds of Kasseri

Received a 12 pound wheel of kasseri cheese as an Xmas gift. I've already figured on saganaki, and using some grated to top lasagna. Anyone have any other ideas??? If serving it on a cheese board, what pairs well with it? Thanks for any and all ideas.

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  1. For recipes, don't forget about cheese pie (kaseropita pie). For the cheese plate, add some pasterma, olives, green hot peppers, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, and lavash or pogaca!

    1. Saganaki. It's basically fried cheese you eat with pita bread. MMMMM delish. :)

      1. In his cheese book, Steve Jenkins suggests kasseri as part of an antipasto-type platter with vegetables, salami, and olives. Also, you can make Turkish kasarli pide, which is basically pizza dough baked with a kasseri topping -- egg on top optional.

        1. use it in place of the myzithra cheese in cat cora's recipe for "kapama" - chicken stewed in wine, garlic and cinnamon...

          serve it as a component of a greek-style antipasto platter or salad with kalamata olives, marinated artichoke hearts, balsamic onions, cured meats, etc.

          use it in place of feta in spanakopita.

          it also pairs well with fruit.

          1. A greek friend of mine gave me his mother's spanakopita recipe, and it include a whole bunch of kaseri cheese in the filling along with the feta. it adds nice depth to the flavour (as if spanakopita wasn't dense enough already, why not gild the lily a bit, eh?). I'd highly recommend it (although you'll still have to find some ways to use the other 11.5 pounds!).