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Dec 27, 2007 03:12 PM

Sticky Pad Sie Ew Noodles

I like the taste of my pad sie ew just fine. But cooking the noodles is starting to give me fits. I get fresh rice noodles, rife with soy bean oil, put them in the pan, but they are so clumped together that I spend all the time teasing bits apart and getting my hand disgustingly oily in the process. And they break at the fold points. I tried soaking them in hot water, just out of curiosity, mind you. They became mush. Any advice on how to cook them better?

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  1. Do you separate them and fluff them up before tossing in the wok? I don't like the oily feel of them and pull on a pair of those food service disposable gloves. Also I find that using tongs to move them around while cooking keeps them from glomming together.

    1. I have so been there with sticky rice is what works well for me:

      Soak the noodles in room temp (not hot) water about 20 min? or until soft and add the noodles to your hot wok/pan pretty much last. Good luck and let us know how it turns out..

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        But I thought the OP was talking about fresh ones.

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          ooops..just saw that..perhaps then just a quick soak in room temp H2o?

      2. I'm not sure that there's any alternative to pulling them apart by hand. It is a pain, but worth the aggravation.

        Would you be willing to share your recipe?

        1. Working from memory, but I recall seeing somewhere that the trick on rice noodles is too cook them at low heat -- if they get hot, they start to stick.

          1. Like others have said, you need to separate the noodles, one by one before you fry. Don't get fresh wide-noodles wet as that'll make them stick more - the oil helps them not stick. Use them the day you buy them, and do not refrigerate them.