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Dec 27, 2007 03:11 PM

Barbque restaurant at Kipling and North Queen

I was driving in the area and saw a restaurant at the north west corner of Kipling and North Queen called Barbque Meats or something like that. Has anyone been? Comments? What is the menu and prices like?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Menu and prices are great! The place is a cross between butcher and fast food joint. I believe everything they will char-grill for you is available raw to go.

    They offer several char-grilled meat sandwiches in both huge and normal sizes. Plus some very fresh and tasty salads. Combos are excellent value. I dont think they have fries.

    The homemade burger is made of pork and veal and served on a bun that resembles a pita bread but more substantial. They also have a huge patty for Dangerous Dan regulars except beware - these taste good. They aren't beefy tasting of course but they are juicy, tasty and of great consistency.

    Also available in sandwiches are thick strip steaks, pounded veal, veal sausage roll thingys, whole chicken breast (1 lb), pork souvlaki.

    Tasty toppings!!! I didn't ask but the food seems to be Eastern European style. Names for the items I have never heard. Perhaps it is Chezk or Serbian. Romanian?

    1. Royal Meats Barbeque is a Serbian restaurant. Very good Serbian style burgers and chevaps (sausages).

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        I had lunch there today so I took a couple pictures. (Had to try out my new camera phone!) The sandwiches were very good. My companion had steak and it came medium rare as requested. He didn't put much on it because he wanted to really taste the meat, and he said it was very flavourful and a good cut. I had the 1/2 pound chevaps -- well, technically I only got thru a quarter pound. The meat (ground veal and pork) is nicely seasoned and delicious on its own, but I had it done up with lettuce, tomato, onion and their two special spreads - a cheese (sort of like cream cheese only lighter and more buttery texture) and a red pepper/onion/feta spread. The sandwich could have stood something tangy added, so perhaps I should have taken the pickles she offered, but it was delicious as it was. Sandwiches come with salad and drink for only $2.99 extra. My companion had a chopped tomato/cucumber/onion and I had chefs, which included the chopped stuff as well as lettuce.

        The crowd was definitely "working men" who flocked in for a no nonsense hungry guy lunch. The decor was a bit above the usual standard for this kind of place though. Nicely done up with stone throughout. Even the bathroom was nice. :)

        I'll make it a regular stop on my Etobicoke shopping runs.

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          By the way, they do have fries.

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            It's been almost a year since my last visit but we went again today. The food seems to have gone downhill a bit. I had the 1/2 pound chevaps again but there was less meat in it than last time and I had no problem finishing it. The biggest change, though, was the chef's salad. It was just a bowl of chopped lettuce with a smidgen of red cabbage here and there. Maybe they're trying to cut corners to save money, but when I pay $28 for 2 sandwiches, 2 small salads and 2 bottles of juice, I expect better quality. Hopefully today was just an off day.

            Has anyone been recently and had the great kind of experience I had last year?

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              Yup, the salads are the absolute WORST here

              They charge $4.99 for a tiny styrofoam container of romaine lettuce (for their caesar salad) and then they give you a packet of Kraft caesar dressing

              KRAFT dressing? Give me a break...

              Portions seem to have gone in every regard, but that being said, I still find their grilled chicken sandwich to be tasty

              Not really worth the money but tastes good..

          2. re: plavka

            I was close! Yes it is very good. The place is slick and franchise worthy although I think the prices will need to go up for expansion.

            Fingers crossed for a DT location!

          3. This place is fantastic!

            It's Serbian and all the meat comes from the family butcher shop in Mississauga (Royal Meat Products at Cawthra and Burnhamthorpe).

            They do cevapi (cevapcici) style burgers and rolls (ground pork and veal) grilled and served on homemade flatbread buns (baked inhouse) with kaymak or house sauce. All the meat (patties, rolls, chicken breasts, shish kabobs, pork, steak) is on display as in a butcher shop (chilled cases). They do combos with salads (cesaer, chef or shopska) or fries, and the pop comes in 500 mL bottles and includes Perrier and Fanta. It's a fast food place but the decor and packaging is more high end (think gourmet burgers). The prices are very reasonable (for what you get, it's downright cheap).

            This place is so good!!! Hubby and I had takeout there tonight and it was damn good. I wasn't expecting it to be this good, but it is. No frozen patties here! And it's about time people.

            1. Any chance it is open on Sundays? Want to head there for a late lunch tomorrow possibly.

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                MY best guess is YES. But give em a call.

              2. The original comment has been removed