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Jan 12, 2001 07:03 PM

Decent Chinese in S.F. Valley

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Has anyone got a half way decent Chinese restaurant to recommend in the San Fernando Valley?

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  1. For noodles, Mandarin Deli in Northridge (on Reseda?)is the best I've been to in the Valley. Try the spicy beef noodle soup with their handmade noodles, which carry the flavor of the soup better than any else I've tried. Also, they have wonderful dumplings (both boiled and fried) and scallion pancakes that have impressed even my pickiest friends (not to mention my mother). They're a small chain--there's one in Monterey Park off Atlantic, one in Chinatown and another in Little Tokyo. Their Northridge one is clean, well-lit, and has it's own parking lot. Very reasonably priced too, about $5-6 per plate.

    For dinner and seafood dishes, I'd also like to know about good Chinese in the Valley! I've been to many...Plum Tree Inn, Bamboo House(which Zagat readers chose as "Best Chinese in the Valley"--ha!), Sam Woo...and was disappointed by all.

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      Undoubtedly the best place is Hong Kong 88, 5658 Sepulveda in Van Nuys. Good seafood and other dishes. Honorable mention would go to Oak Cafe, 18446 Sherman Way (HK style cafe food), the two A & W Seafood restaurants on Reseda Bl., and A & B Seafood on Devonshire and Reseda.

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        Here's another suggestion for really good Chinese food in the Valley. A&W Barbecue and Seafood, near Prairie and Resdea in Northridge, about a block from my office. The food is good, ample, and well prepared. I am often the only non-Asian in the restaurant.


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        Thanks so far for the comments. I, too, like Hong Kong 88. Has anyone tried New Jasmine, which got a good review when it first opened then apparently had a management change?

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          I apologize, realizing that my previous post might not
          have identified my issue. Anyway, has anyone been to New Jasmine, in Encino? It was well reviewed when it opened but then there was a management change...

          1. re: Bob Brooks

            There's a Jasmine in Calabasas that is related to the Encino restaurant, and it's GREAT. They have lots of Cantonese and Shanghai food, and daily off-menu specials that tend to be seafood (and very yummy.)

            We also like Plum Tree--maybe the person who didn't like it was there on an off night, but everything we've had was terrific (especially the chicken with pine nuts in lettuce cups.)