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Dec 27, 2007 02:36 PM

Seafood in Pasadena?


My parents are vacationing in CA this winter and I was looking for a seafood restaurant for them to go to for New Years Eve? They're staying in the Westin in Pasadena and really like to not travel when they have dinner; more have a meal, have a drink, go back to the hotel kind of folks.

Any recommendations you guys could pass on?


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  1. It has been awhile so I can't be specific, but we have sometimes had very fresh, delicious fish at Arroyo Chophouse (despite the overall emphasis on meat).

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    1. re: Babette

      Actually their sister restaurant, Parkway Grill, while not a seafood restaurant per se, serves the best salmon in the the area and has other delicious seafood options.

    2. I'm partial to Cameron's Seafood Market when in Pasadena, but I don't know if they're open on NYE or if they're doing anything special for the night. Cameron's has good fresh fish, for a good price, grilled over Mesquite, with good (if basic) sides, and a full bar.

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      1. re: Freddie Freelance

        i wouldn't recommend cameron's for a special occasion. it's ok to go to if you live close by and the food there is ok. it's no water grill but if you want basic fish with basic sides it works and it can be good. it's a bit run down and the decor is a bit, dated. it sounds like you want something special so i'd second parkway grill eventhough it's not specifically a fish place. besides the shuttle at the westin can take them to parkway and arroyo.

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          I have to agree, Cameron is really bad in general. It's gimmicky, so there are always people there, but the food is really low quality.

          1. re: spankbot

            My fish has always been overcooked. here. I have never had a decent piece and I stopped going back years ago.

        2. McCormick and Schmick's (thinks that's the spelling) is located on the very same block.

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            Yah. I know McCormick and Schmick's is good but they also have a location in Minneapolis (which is where my parents are from)... am looking for a more unique experience, if possible. It is a good suggestion, though; thanks!

            1. re: Matthias

              Very "chain like". Just ok. To me over priced for the quality.

          2. If they are open on NYE, I would HIGHLY reccommend
            in South Pasadena.
            Great fish, great quality everything. Great Service. Considerate wine list.
            Nothing but good times at SHIRO!!!


            1. I would second the Parkway Grill for a special occasion it is very nice and the food is great . they also have an organic garden on the premises so alot of the veggies are very very freshu
              Cafe Bizou is also good for a quick dinner and then if htey are in the mood for sushi I would go for Sushi Roki at the square at One Colorado. You may also check out Tres Venezie on Green Street for an awesome Italian meal.