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Dec 27, 2007 02:26 PM

Baleen in Red.Beach

I have reservations for NY Day lunch for visiting relatives. Hoping for good food on the water.

I have not been here since it changed menus and chefs. Have heard positive things during the summer and meant to go but never got round to it. Now I just read a terrible view on these boards and am concerned.

Hoping Keoloha reads this and responds and would love to hear from anyone else that ate here recently.

The other place I considered was one of the restaurants at The Trump Golf Course. My relatives live in the desert between the mountains and an ocean view is important/expected. We have ruled out Kincaid's, Tony's et al.

Maybe we should consider The Chart House?

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  1. I think it should do the job, not to many places open New Years Day lunch(Chart House closed for lunch). I would call the G.M of the hotel (The Portofino) and give him your concerns. It's a lovely spot, lovely view,but it can be hit or miss.If you have a good server you will have good service.

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      Thank you-what about the food? Have you eaten there lately? The menu online looks as if it from the summer season. If I had to choose (and I'D RATHER NOT) I prefer good food over service.

      1. re: Densible

        Both times were in the evening.It was a mixed bag. Nothing was wow, but its not trying to be wow. Simple steaks and fish -prices are at the top end for the area. I would order simple and you're be fine.If you are looking for a foodie experience it is not. Trump is also pretty impressive as surrondings go and view goes during the day. If they are doing brunch ,its very expensive but as good as anywhere in the city.Of course its always about the food.