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Need REALLY Garlicy recipe

I need a recipe for a really garlic laden appitizer recipe. The kind you can smell a mile away, but is still really good. To make a long story short, everyone was asked to bring some kind of snack to work on New Year's Eve, and the horrible person in charge HATES garlic. I know it sounds a little immature, but the rest of us LOVE garlic and she has prevented us from having it in the past. I'd really appreciate your help!!

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  1. Why don't you just make a really garlicky hummous? Everyone likes it.

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      I concur, Hummus is the first dish that came to my mind......for a nice twist, roast the garlic first. I do not know how much time you plan to invest into the recipe/dish, but very thin zucchini and eggplant slices deep fried make excellent chips instead of the customary pita chips.

    2. whole cloves of roasted garlic, use a little bit of brie to "stick" on toast points or crackers

      (sorry if thats a repeat)

      1. I've made mushroom caps filled with a roasted garlic puree. They go great with beef and since you seem to have one with this person....

        1. You don't say whether you have an oven at work to bake/heat things, so here's one that doesn't need baking:

          Roasted Garlic and Herb Dip served with veggies or, if you really want to get her goat - garlic bagel chips. :-) (I'd roast the whole bulb of garlic and make lots - doing just 8 cloves doesn't make sense.)


          1. GARLIC/TERIYAKI CHICKEN WINGS (You can really smell the garlic when cooking)

            4 to 5 Pounds of wings
            1 cup soy sauce
            1 cup brown sugar, packed
            ½ teaspoon of dry ginger
            8 garlic cloves, minced
            3 Tablespoons white vinegar (regular white)
            Mix the marinade until the sugar is dissolved

            Place the wings, that you’ve cut at the joints and discarded the tips, into a very large mixing bowl. Add to the marinade. I use my huge Tupperware mixing bowl and really push the wings down in there, after stirring to coat them all. Marinade for 24 hours, (or at least overnight) or up to 2 days, re-stirring 2 or 3 times. Set oven to 275 degrees. Using tongs, remove wing pieces from the marinade and place on a baking sheet, side by side, in rows, closely crowding them together so they all fit in one layer. DO NOT ADD THE MARINADE. Cook for two hours and halfway through the cooking time (after one hour), remove from oven and drain off almost all of the liquid that’s collected. I just hold the pan over the sink and tip the sheet pan carefully. DO NOT TURN THE WINGS. Then place them back in the oven to finish. The reason you do this is that you want the liquid to cook away so that it starts to caramelize the wings and this speeds up the process. They’re done when they look dark Mahogany- colored and totally Caramelized and almost no liquid/juices remain in the pan (just a sticky film) and they could take a little MORE than 2 hours, total cooking time. They’re delicious warm, room-temperature or cold. Enjoy!!

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              OMGoodness.... I am sooooo making these. Thank you for the recipe!!
              When is Super Bowl????

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                I've just mixed up the marinade and I've added them to the New Years menu...

                I'll report back.

              2. LOL. I worked with someone like this in the past, all around nasty and controlling of every professional get-together... not immature on your part at all. Plus, who doesn't like garlic?!?! Maybe not feasible for the party (although it would be perfect for an apps party, and a fantastic way to feature garlic) but one of my favorite soup recipes is Roasted Garlic Soup from epicurious (link below). I think you and your colleagues would enjoy the 45 cloves of garlic, and also laughing about the presence of the 45 cloves of garlic. If you make it --- roast them all rather than sauteeing some - I like the flavor better that way. Have fun at the party!


                1. Even though tomatoes are out of season, I've had luck making bruschetta with high-quality canned tomatoes. One can always get fresh basil, and bruschetta with tomatoes, basil and lots of raw garlic is sure to turn off that horrible person in charge! He/she will be able to smell the garlic on everyone from a mile away.

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                    You could also do a version of bruschetta with burst grape tomatoes -- pop them under the broiler on a cookie sheet until they pop, then spoon them with their juice into a bowl with olive oil, basil, LOTS of garlic. Wintry bruschetta :) I just made this last night and it's awesome. Also cut a garlic clove in half and grate it on the bread after you toast it up -- double dose of garlic. :) I spoon the burst tomatoes on the bread, then add fresh mozzarella on top.

                  2. One of my favorites, skordalia, a Greek potato and garlic dip.

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                      Skordalia is a great recommendation! I would also recommend serving cups of this absolutely divine roasted garlic soup: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

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                        I agree with the skordalia recommendation. Oh so garlicky good. Yummy.

                      2. All these ideas are great, but since we are limited to a microwave, I think I'm going with the garlic dip and garlic chips. I'm going to try everyone's recipes at home though! Thanks again!

                        1. Do a search on this board for the thread where Joe H gave the recipe for the garlic bread that Al Capone always ate (in Maryland?). It is loaded with fresh garlic, plus caraway seed and red pepper flakes. I have made it and it is divine!