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Dec 27, 2007 02:01 PM

Need chicken soup for husband thats sick in E. Lansing and now won't be home for New Years

My husband has been working temporarily in E. Lansing and was do to come home for New Years but now has the flu and won't be coming. Wanted to cheer him up and thought I surprise him with a care package from Zingermans Deli in Ann Arbor but the delivery fee was too much since I would have to use their currier service since chicken soup is not available thru their mail order dpt. Any suggestions of places in E.Lansing that might deliver chicken soup and some other goodies?? (My husband is staying right by the Univ. of Mich. campus) Zingerman's said I might try Sparty's as they now carry some of their baked goods. I will try calling them tomorrow. Is it any good there ? TIA for any suggestions and Happy New Year!

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  1. I'm somewhat say your husband is in E. Lansing, but want a Zingerman's delivery? Then you mention that he's staying by the UofM campus.....Zingerman's and UofM are both in Ann Arbor, so is your husband in AA or E. Lansing near the Michigan State campus?

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      Sorry, he's by Michigan State in E. Lansing. I got the 2 confused.

    2. Some if not all of the chinese or korean delivery places will deliver chicken noodle soup. Have him look under the noodle soup category on chinese menus. Sounds weird, but it is delicious and mild and what I get when I am sick. Try Charlie Kang's or Hong Kong.

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        Thanks husband had the same idea but unfortunately he had ordered from some local Chinese place, Gourmet Village (I think thats what he said it was called) Anyway, he said it was awful. I told him the two places you suggested and he will try those. Thanks again.