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Dec 27, 2007 12:35 PM

Maggianos vs. Macaroni Grill-St. Louis

I know they're both chains and not gourmet fare, but I received a gift certificate good for either one of these restaurants and wondered if anyone had any ideas as to which is better. Thanks!

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  1. I prefer Maggiano's. I grew up in Omaha and it reminds me of those old timey Italian restos where you could get your steak with a side of spaghetti. Beware, tho' the portions are huge, almost obscene. Seriously, one full size serving of pasta could feed me and my two kids with enough left over for lunch.

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      I think that is a good description of Maggiano's... more hearty Italian.

      Macaroni Grill is my preference. Their rosemary bread is superb. I think they have a more interesting menu. Where as Maggiano's focuses on the classics.

      Both are on the same quality level if you ask me but it may just depend on what you are in the mood for.

      Macaroni Grill's Florentine Salad is one of the better salads I've had.

    2. I cannot speak directly for St Louis locations of either Chain, however to my friends and family who have been to both franchises here in the New York area say, Maggiano's is definitely better on the quality scale. I have eaten in Macaroni Grills and find them satisfactory...and much better than say Johnny Carino's, but according to Industry publications, Maggiano's is more upscale and offers family style dining. Looking at their respective websites, I would say Maggiano's aspires to be more classic rustica in their approach to their respective menus and offers traditional regional version of dishes (Allegedly).

      1. I VERY MUCH prefer Maggiano's to Macaroni Grill.

        1. i won't eat in macaroni grill - can't stand them, yet i love maggiano's. we love the concept of family style and the food is pretty good. not fabulous, but for the price, pretty good. we always have a great time at maggiano's.

          1. Like a few others, I can't speak for the St. Louis locations, but in our area, people far prefer Maggiano's to Macaroni Grill, including myself. The food at Maggiano's is, IMHO, much better quality and - as an added bonus - they give you more of it. :-)