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Dec 27, 2007 12:29 PM

Cerritos area

Any good but not too pricey places for dinner in Cerritos? Sorry no vegan places.....good american, mexican or italian places. Thx.

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  1. Royal Cuisine of India
    11454 South St
    Cerritos, CA 90703

    1. just a hop and skip from cerritos:

      the woodlands in artesia. good vegetarian indian eats.

      1. Cerritos is chain city. Don't know of any "good" American, Mexican, or Italian places there. For good food in Cerritos, you probably have to venture away from your listed types of food.
        For Peruvian, try El Rocoto. For Korean, try The Corner Place. For Japanese fusion, in Cypress, try Cafe Hiro.

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        1. re: slacker

          Sorry, I disagree with you in regards to chain city. Yes there are many, but there are quite a few Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Indian places in the area, which includes Artesia. But I do agree that the OP may need to change what type of food she may want.

          As for Mexican, there is still a Don Jose's that's been around forever on Artesia Blvd. Sorry haven't been there in ages, but many still say good things about it.

          For Italian there is East Side Mario's in Lakewood, just north of the mall or Ferraro's, Cafe Gazelle and La Parolaccia Osteria Italiana in Long Beach.

          Finally there is Arte Cafe in the Cerritos Towne Center. Gets varied reviews, but I have enjoyed it. They also have a newer place off South Street, can't remember the name, but there is also several new restaurants in the shopping area just east of Pioneer.

          Enjoy and report back to us on where you ate.

          1. re: justagthing

            CERRITOS is chain city. Of course there are non-chain restaurants too, but predominantly chains. And if there is a good--GOOD, not passable-- Chinese restaurant in Cerritos, please let me know.

            Arte Cafe can only be considered good when viewed relative to all the encroaching chain restaurants, esp in its immediate surroundings. And even then, some of the dishes at some of its closely neighboring chains are probably better than at Arte Cafe.

            1. re: slacker

              Artesians have always wanted to be Cerritosians. Cerritos/Artesia had a huge influx Taiwanese population, before Rowland Heights got its share. If one counts Artesia as Cerritos, there'd be a large selection of Chinese as well as Korean food. Ten Ten is where we'll be having dimsum this Sunday. One can also go down to La Palma/Cypress which is literally blocks away for some pretty decent Japanese food (Or Hiro Cafe, however that's categorized.)

              Basically, I'm agreeing w/ justagthing. FWIW, have never eaten at any chain in Cerritos cept getting drinks at the Towne center. And I grew up there.

              1. re: TonyC

                I also grew up in Cerritos and yes, always considered Artesia as one and the same since we shared the same zip code for years. I only eat at chains when others insist, otherwise there are soooo many other choices to choose from. Also, forgot to mention all the good Filipino food. As for Chinese, I like Caanan and Macau as well as Ten Ten and Happy House. Yes, I even like the snack food at Guppy's but that is because I've been going there since it first opened. Now, I wouldn't say that I go out of my way for any of these places, as I can get good Chinese at home, but there are things that I cannot make or don't want to make (too much work or too messy). I like the XLB's at Caanan's and they also do a yummy Chinese breakfast and I don't have to drive 30 minutes or more to get to it. Thanks TonyC for your support. Happy New Year all!

                1. re: justagthing

                  Don't need to take things so personally.
                  We drove by Caanan yesterday, but I was set on going to El Rocoto. I'd be interested in knowing what the good Japanese places in La Palma are. I know some people in La Palma who could use some good recommends--they are od'd on Cafe Hiro (fusion), which I like.

                  1. re: justagthing

                    Macau is gone BTW.

                    In it's place is a new place called CRABLICIOUS.

                    And it is good.

                    Here's a recent review I did with photos:

                    1. re: elmomonster

                      Wow! that was fast, but I am ready and willing to go to the new place. Same owners? I'm curious.

          2. I think Wood Ranch is a great tasty chain. The garlic dinner rolls are a meal in themselves with a yummy albeit trendy pomegranate margarita. Love the roasted chicken and peanut slaw... right across from Cerritos Center for Performing Arts. Pics...


            1. Johnny Rebs in Bellflower for American.