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Dec 27, 2007 12:21 PM

Where around here might I find a place just like Trattoria Toscana . . .

But not Trattoria Toscana? That is, I, like seemingly everyone else in this town, adores the place. For it's got a great central location, pleasant service, fabulous prices, and, above all else, simple, fantastic Italian cuisine. Because they keep it small, sans reservations and with no bar, however, I find it increasingly difficult to go there.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a place fitting the above-listed characteristics, but one that either (a) takes reservations, (b) is larger and has a bar so that waiting is not a big deal, or (c) no one else has yet heard of?

Oh, and yes, I realize the simplest solution may just be to go to Tuscany. But with the exchange rate these days . . .

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  1. Boy, that's a tough call. Perhaps Sage? Not a Tuscan type. How about La Campagnia in Waltham? It is expensive but may do.

    I"m partial to TT as I/We have been going their routinely since the 2nd day they opened and have never been disappointed. Other CH'ers should come up some ideas too.

    1. I've never been to TT, so take my rec with a grain of salt, but having checked out Toscana's menu online I would suggest Trattoria Pulcinella in Cambridge. Anyone who has been to both want to offer a thought?

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        I would second that nomination of Trattoria Pulcinella. The menu is always interesting and varies seasonally, good variety, lots of specials. If it's not on the menu, Omar is always happy to meet requests (my husband is a sap for seafood fra diavolo on fettucini). Omar is also really helpful with wine recommendations. Reservations usually available even on short notice, and if it's not peak hours, walk in possible. It's a comfortable neighborhood place. Not budget prices, but reasonable. I'd give it a solild 8 of 10 stars.

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        1. Does it have to be simple, fantastic Italian cuisine? If not, then what about Ten Tables in JP? It takes reservations, has pleasant service and fabulous prices.

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            I was thinking Taberno de Haro if they didn't need Italian. La Morra is a good rec, altho not quite as cozy as TT. Pomodoro in Brookline Village has a bar and I think reservations. Sophia's Grotto in Roslindale?

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              I'll third La Morra, especially their pasta dishes.