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Dec 27, 2007 12:09 PM

Specilaty Veg

Can anyone tell me where I might find black carrots, icicle radishes, valentines radishes or other specialty radishes/beets/carrots, i am looking for stores where I can purchase but am also interested in any Ontario farms that grow them.

sorry about the multiple postings seems to be a problem with the site

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  1. are black carrots the same as the purple ones? Try walking up Roncesvalles from Queen, there are many veggie and fruit places that have stuff like that.....I dont know names...but there are places that have all sorts of interesting stuff..

    1. The Healthy Butcher on Queen West....has Ontario organic veggies of all shapes and sizes....Miranda

      1. Try Cookstown Greens. They list all of the veg that you requested on their site. Info on where to buy (other than direct) is available too.

        Hope that helps!