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Dec 27, 2007 12:09 PM

Family lunch/dinner in Charleston


We're taking my kids (4 and 6) on a road trip to Disney World, and we're driving from PA. We're planning to detour to Charleston. Where should we take them to eat that will be fun for them, tasty for us, and not too expensive/formal? I've read about the Wreck in a couple of postings. Would that be a good choice? I wouldn't mind stretching their taste buds a little bit--they tend to overdose on chicken fingers when we're on vacation. While I'm at it, does anyone know any good stops (for food or leg stretching) not too far off 95 in between PA and Florida?


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  1. The Mustard Seed restaurant group would be a great way to explore. Uno Mas is part of that operation too. Food can be as kid friendly as you want - no chicken fingers though!

    1. The Wreck is great for scenery and seafood (and kid friendly). Bring cash or check no plastic accepted. Also, you might try Triangle (in West Ashley Hwy 17 S)- Tuesday is family day and they have a jump castle. Andolini's is great local pizza and has three locations. Also, Fleet Landing is a great way to experience the Charleston Harbor and is very kid friendly.

      1. Downtown is the place to be and won't be far off your route. There are lots of great places on E Bay St and on the Market. You can park and walk to any of them. Magnolia's, Cru Cafe, SNOB and Blossom all have kids menus and great lunch prices. Have fun! And you can walk to Waterfront Park from there.

        1. From Fleet Landing you can walk a block to see Water Front Park- yes Mags and Blossoms are kid friendly but I have taken kids to both the Wreck and Fleet and you can enjoy your meal while kids watch the boats and sometimes big ship go by.

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            I've given Fleet Landing two chances and both times have been horrible.

            Wonderful place for drinks but not for food.

            1. re: BlueHerons

              Agreed, like I said nice place to check out the Harbor.